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Macau 2018: India’s Tillotama Shome on the Macau Film Festival jury

Tokyo 2018: Dancing away from a repressive regime in ‘The White Crow’

Tokyo 2018: Tokyo Film Festival closes with Godzilla’s romp

Tokyo 2018: French drama Amanda bags top honour at Tokyo Film Festival

Tokyo 2018: Rajiv Menon hits the rights notes with Madras Beats at Tokyo Film Festival

Tokyo 2018: Amanda at Tokyo Film Festival underlines the horror of terrorism

Tokyo 2018: The White Crow at Tokyo Festival is a clumsily narrated story of a Soviet ballet dancer

Tokyo 2018: A cinematic exploration of the human instinct to defy and disobey

Tokyo 2018: Tel Aviv on Fire at Tokyo Film Festival  is wittily bold

Tokyo 2018: Ralph Fiennes and Koji Yakusho make up for ‘A Star Is Born’  leads at Tokyo Film Fest

Tokyo 2018: Tokyo Film Festival opens with Lady Gaga’s lilting musical, A Star is Born

Tokyo 2018: Two Japanese titles to compete with 14 others at Tokyo Film Festival

Tokyo 2018: Rajiv Menon’s comeback movie, Madras Beats, to screen at Tokyo Festival

Singapore 2018: Bengali film Mayurakshi wins top award at Singapore South Asian Film Festival

Singapore 2018: ‘Midnight Delhi’  is a bewildering tale of violence

Singapore 2018: At Singapore South Asian Film Festival, Soumitra Chatterjee sparkles in Mayurakshi

Singapore 2018: Nandita Das’ Manto opens Singapore South Asian International Film Festival

El Gouna 2018: El Gouna Film Festival takes us into the world of terrorism and torture

El Gouna 2018: A dissatisfying portrait of  life in the shadow of the Syrian war

El Gouna 2018: Directors do not shy away from bold themes at El Gouna Film Festival

El Gouna 2018: At El Gouna Film Fest, Robert Redford plays a gentleman bank robber

El Gouna 2018: Fact meets fiction in ambitious drama ‘Yomeddine’

El Gouna 2018: ‘Dear Son’ is a superb study of a failing family

El Gouna 2018: At El Gouna Film Festival, Tumbbad, an Indian fairy tale, unfold on screen

El Gouna 2018: Venice prize-winning Syrian director ‘refused visa’ for the El Gouna Film Festival

El Gouna 2018: El Gouna Film Festival opens with French work, The Freshmen

Venice 2018: ‘Soni’-A placid attempt at highlighting violence against women

Venice 2018: ‘ISIS Tomorrow’ has a question for us today

Venice 2018: Post Venice Film Fest, streaming platforms are running into a storm again

Venice 2018: ‘Screwdriver’ explores the impact of long-term isolation

Venice 2018: Roma, Alfonso Cuaron’s black-&-white masterpiece wins the Golden Lion at Venice Film Festival

Venice 2018: At Eternity’s Gate is a compelling canvas of Vincent Van Gogh

Venice 2018: An imaginative approach to capturing tension on screen

Venice 2018: At Venice Film Festival Charlie Says recaptures the horrific murder of Sharon Tate

Venice 2018: Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut is love at first sound

Venice 2018: ‘First Man’ aims for the moon, but falls short

Venice 2018: Mike Leigh disappoints with his Venice Film Festival title, Peterloo

Venice 2018: In black and white Alfonso Cuaron tells us an impact story in Roma

Venice 2018: Ryan Gosling-starrer First Man opens Venice Film Festival, but has very little element of surprise

Venice 2018: After Cannes, now Venice Film Festival places curbs on critics

Venice 2018: After Cannes, Venice Film Festival now faces the heat over Netflix screenings

Venice 2018: Venice Film Fest lineup

Venice 2018: Tumbbad-Indian fantasy to open Venice Film Festival Critics’ Week

Venice 2018: Ryan Gosling-starrer First Man, on the historic moon landing, to open Venice Film Festival 

Venice 2018: Here are some movies that may play at 75th edition

Cannes 2018: Cannes Film Festival may have been dull, but it is not sinking, despite what people say

Cannes 2018: Cannes Film critics and jury see eye-to-eye as Festival comes to an end

Cannes 2018: Nandita Das describes why she always wanted to cast Nawazuddin Siddiqui in Manto

Cannes 2018: At Cannes Film Festival Nandita Das talks about Manto

Cannes 2018: At Cannes Critics’ Week, Sir, about a master-servant relationship is boringly simplistic

Cannes 2018: Von Trier’s The House That Jack Built is a ‘sheer descent into Hell’

Cannes 2018: Nandita Das’ Manto takes a hard look at societal injustices 

Cannes 2018: Nandita Das’ Manto, about an Independence era writer, mirrors today’s brutal times

Cannes 2018: Bhosle is all about an undefined and unlikely relationship, says Manoj Bajpayee

Cannes 2018: Manoj Bajpayee pushes Bhonsle in the rush of Cannes Fest adrenaline

Cannes 2018: Rafiki, first ever Kenyan movie to premiere at Cannes, seems like beer without fizz

Cannes 2018: Heralding radical changes, Cannes Festival begins with Spanish film, Everybody Knows

Cannes 2018: Cannes set to start on May 8 in a trail of controversy

Cannes 2018: The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir star and Tamil actor Dhanush will journey to Cannes this May

Cannes 2018: As anticipated, Danish director Lars Von Trier to be back at Cannes

Cannes 2018: Controversial Lars Von Trier film not on Cannes official list, at least not yet

Cannes 2018: Nandita Das strikes luck at Cannes with Manto, Festival’s official lineup announced

Cannes 2018: Nandita Das makes it to Cannes Fest  with her radical Manto

Cannes 2018: Cannes Film Festival poster is all about Godard and passion

Cannes 2018: Cannes Fest to open with Asghar Farhadi’s Spanish work, Everybody Knows

Cannes 2018: Cannes Festival will open with Asghar Farhadi’s Spanish film, Everybody knows

Cannes 2018: Cannes Film Festival to celebrate 50 years of Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey

Cannes 2018: Cannes chief Thierry Fremaux’s radical changes draw flak

Cannes 2018: Cannes chief Thierry Fremaux comes under fire from critics for his radical step

Cannes 2018: Cannes chief Thierry Fremaux checkmates racing reviewers, bans selfies on steps

Cannes 2018: Cannes set for exciting times

Cannes 2018: At Cannes Film Fest 2018, India’s Vada Chennai and Manto are hot possibilities

Cannes 2018: Cannes Film Fest 2018 – The guesses have begun to roll

Cannes 2018: Pulsating probables of Cannes

Cannes 2018: Are radical changes in the offing?

Cannes 2018: Cannes Film Festival plans radical changes for its 71st edition

Cannes 2018: Cannes Film Festival thinking of radical change this year

Cannes 2018: Cannes Film Festival picks Australian actress Cate Blanchette to head the jury

Dubai 201: Rajinikanth’s 2.0 likely to be first major South Indian movie to open in Saudi Arabian market

Dubai 2017: The good and the bad of Indian cinema at Dubai Film Festival

Dubai 2017: At Dubai Film Fest, Arab cinema takes a hard look at societal misdemeanours

Dubai 2017: Saudi woman helmer now ‘rebels’ with a radical Mary Shelly at Dubai Film Fest

Dubai 2017: Hostiles

Dubai 2017: Pakistan’s My Pure Land is about a belle and bullets

Dubai 2017: Irrfan Khan’s The Song of Scorpions plays out a mesmeric myth of romance and retribution

Dubai 2017: Bloody Western drama, Hostiles, sets Dubai Film Festival rolling

Dubai 2017: Irrfan’s Song of Scorpions one of Dubai Film Festival highlights

Dubai 2017: Western drama, Hostiles, to get Dubai Film Fest rolling

Dubai 2017: India’s Song of Scorpions, Iran’s Beyond the Clouds set to enrich Dubai Film Festival

Cairo 2017: S Durga 

Cairo 2017: Withered Green is a gutsy look at women’s independence

Cairo 2017: Tamil film Manusangada highlights a grave social injustice

Cairo 2017: S Durga actor Rajshri Deshpande all set to shake off her small town days

Cairo 2017: An autumn of Indian cinema at Cairo Film Festival

Cairo 2017: Cairo Film Festival celebrates Indian cinema

Tokyo 2017: Bioscopewala

Tokyo 2017: Tokyo Film Fest offers fascinating variety

Tokyo 2017: Japan loves all things Tamil — actor Madhavan and Jallikattu 5-23 too

Tokyo 2017: Japan and China at Tokyo

Tokyo 2017: At Tokyo Fest, it seems like Japan-China bhai-bhai

Tokyo 2017: At Tokyo Film Fest, women turn villains

Tokyo 2017: Two films at Tokyo Festival paint women in black

Tokyo 2017: Japan’s love for Tamil cinema reflects at the Tokyo Film Festival

Tokyo 2017: Tagore’s Kabuliwala transforms into Bioscopewala

Tokyo 2017: Tokyo Film Festival

Tokyo 2017: Spotlight on video piracy reveals Japan is as affected as India

Tokyo 2017: Cannes chief Thierry Fremaux shows us the magic of Lumiere Brothers

Tokyo 2017: Bioscopewala, Vikram Veda, S Durga to highlight Indian cinema at Tokyo Film Fest

Tokyo 2017: Tokyo Film Fest celebrates 30th edition with Japanese opener

Tokyo 2017: Tokyo Film Fest opens with Japanese movie

Tokyo 2017: Tokyo Film Fest to roll with a comic book adaptation, Fullmetal Alchemist

Tokyo 2017: Tokyo Film Fest to fete Hollywood icon Steven Soderbergh

El Gouna 2017: Anurag Kashyap’s Mukkabaaz hits out at societal injustices

El Gouna 2017: Tiger Man Pandey

El Gouna 2017: John Abraham to act in a film helmed by Tiger Man Mike Pandey

El Gouna 2017: John and tiger man Pandey to join hands for film on the big cat

El Gouna 2017: Egypt’s first edition of El Gouna Film Festival screens sparkling fare

El Gouna 2017: Egypt’s first edition of El Gouna Film Festival screens sparkling fare

El Gouna 2017: El Gouna Film Festival opens with Sheikh Jackson

El Gouna 2017: Irrfan Khan-starrer Doob is a modern take on marital infidelity

El Gouna 2017: For good cinema

El Gouna 2017: New Egypt’s El Gouna Film Festival to add colour to the region

El Gouna 2017: Egypt’s El Gouna Film Festival to screen Anurag Kashyap,  Irrfan Khan works

Venice 2017: Venice Fest presents a lovely wide canvas of life, sweet and sad

Venice 2017: Lean on Pete and Loving Pablo

Venice 2017: Mexico’s Cold War fantasy, The Shape of Water, clinches Golden Lion at Venice

Venice 2017: Venice Film Festival plays host to VR, a brand new world

Venice 2017: A missing India, which though may sparkle at Egypt’s El Gouna

Venice 2017: Instant reviews and old age plot tell their own tales

Venice 2017: George Clooney’s Suburbicon tells us all that is wrong with America

Venice 2017: Venice Film Festival tells stories about love for animals, and love for cocaine money

Venice  2017 : All about rape and murder, and Frances McDormand playing a sleuth once again

Venice 2017: Victoria and Abdul haunts us with a Raj tale

Venice 2017: Friendly cops at Venice

Venice 2017: George Clooney’s Suburbicon spells out hope while painting a dark picture of America

Venice 2017: Ritesh Batra’s Our Souls at Night has Jane Fonda and Robert Redford at their sparkling best

Venice 2017: First days all about gloom and doom

Venice 2017: Where the fans are nice and cops are full of smiles

Venice 2017: Venice shaking itself off political hold, set to open with scissors-fi Downsizing

Venice 2017: Ali Fazal’s provocative British drama, Victoria and Abdul, goes to Venice Film Festival

Venice 2017: Miniature men in Downsizing to open Venice Film Festival

Venice 2017: Once again, Venice Film Festival titles offer Oscars hope

Venice 2017: Ritesh Batra at Venice with Our Souls at Night

Venice 2017: Ritesh Batra in a cocktail with Jane Fonda, Robert Redford at Venice

Cannes 2017: Cannes Competition Netflix title, Okja, runs into roadblock in South Korea

Cannes 2017: Indians only impact Cannes Red Carpet, not competition

Cannes 2017: Cannes less magical this summer, and what a pity!

Cannes 2017: Cannes troubled by Netflix, terror, jury misses

Cannes 2017: Post Cannes, Shruti Haasan does an Aishwarya Rai with Sangamithra

Cannes 2017: Swedish film The Square wins Palm d’Or, Sofia Coppola best director

Cannes 2017: Fatih Akin’s In The Fade is all about a mother’s terrible sorrow

Cannes 2017: Naomi Kawase’s Radiance is radiantly brilliant

Cannes 2017: Sofia Coppola’s The Beguiled examines sexual desires in times of war

Cannes 2017: Cannes screens a smashing biopic of a suave star, Cary Grant

Cannes 2017: A famine of good films at Cannes

Cannes 2017: Now Godard reframed by The Artist director Michael Hazanavicius

Cannes 2017: Andrey Zvyagintsev’s Loveless is the best till date

Cannes 2017: Sangamithra plays big at Cannes, Nandita Das and Aparna Sen to promote their films

Cannes 2017: Scenic Cannes turned into a fortress to thwart terror strikes

Cannes 2017: Disappointing opener, Almodovar and Will Smith ungainly disagreement…May 18 2017

Cannes 2017: What to expect from the 2017 Cannes Film Festival

Cannes 2017: Ishmael’s Ghosts to open Cannes

Cannes 2017: At Cannes 2018, no Netflix if it disobeys French law

Cannes 2017: Indian cinema to march into Cannes Market

Cannes 2017: Will Roman Polanski with his new film have a good time at Cannes?

Cannes 2017: A cocktail of cops and cinema

Cannes 2017: From bikini to burkina: The time for topless, semi-clad women is over

Cannes 2017: Indian Government “may use Cannes Red Carpet to unveil strategy”

Cannes 2017: The Festival is now radically political, in tune with times

Cannes 2017: No Indian film at Cannes, there is still hope

Cannes 2017: Cannes Film Festival conveys passion and joy with Claudia Cardinale

Cannes 2017: Nandita Das to promote Nawazuddin starrer Manto at Cannes Film Festival

Cannes 2017: The dashing Pedro Almodovar to chair Cannes Fest Jury

Cannes 2017: Flamboyant Pedro Almodovar will add colour to Cannes jury

Cannes 2017: What’s brewing at the queen of festivals, Cannes?

Dhaka 2017: Two Indian works at Dhaka Film Festival impress

Dhaka 2017: There’s Always Tomorrow

Dhaka 2017: Mammootty’s Pathemari talks about Malayali’s travails in Dubai

Dhaka 2017: 3000 Nights – This human drama of mother and child opens Dhaka Film Festival

Dhaka 2017: Mammootty’s Pathemari to compete at Dhaka Film Festival

Dubai 2016: At Dubai Fest, some films tugged at the heart

Dubai 2016: Dubai Fest bids bye-bye in grand style with starry Rogue One

Dubai 2016: At Dubai Film Festival, The Worthy and Inversion are great watch

Dubai 2016: At Dubai Festival, The Worthy and Inversion are great watch

Dubai 2016: What made Befikre everybody’s favourite at Dubai International Film Festival

Dubai 2016: There’s pressure to do a third Marigold film, says auteur John Madden

Dubai 2016: Dubai Fest opens with Miss Sloane, honours Rekha

Dubai 2016: Hollywood’s Miss Sloane to open Dubai International Film Festival today

Dubai 2016: At Dubai Fest, Lumiere show and honours for Rekha, Jackson

Dubai 2016: Iconic Pulp Fiction star Samuel Jackson to be feted at Dubai Film Festival

Dubai 2016: Ranveer, Vaani-starrer Bifikre to premiere at Dubai Film Festival

Dubai 2016: Cannes chief Fremaux to present restored Lumiere works

Dubai 2016: Dubai Film Festival to honour Rekha

Dubai 2016: Dubai Film Festival unveils first titles from around the world

Cairo 2016: Egyptian cinema at Cairo Festival explores society’s ills

Cairo 2016: At Cairo Fest, films tell us about a dream gone sour in Egypt

Cairo 2016: Bollywood melody peps up China Night at Cairo Film Fest

Cairo 2016: Half  Ticket retraces Kaaka Muttai’s tale of slum kids

Cairo 2016: Cairo Fest begins with an Egyptian women’s lib film

Cairo 2016: Tamer El Said’s In the Last Days of the City taken off the list

Cairo 2016: Cairo Fest to showcase eight Oscar contenders

Cairo 2016: Three Indian movies to travel to Cairo Film Festival

Tokyo 2016: A tantalising buffet of films at Tokyo Fest

Tokyo 2016: India’s Lipstick Waale Sapne wins award at Tokyo Film Fest

Tokyo 2016: At Tokyo Fest, Japan reflects on bonding with rest of Asia

Tokyo 2016: Two tales of two couples at Tokyo Film Festival

Tokyo 2016: Lipstick as a liberator at Tokyo Film Festival

Tokyo 2016: At Tokyo Fest, real and unreal flit across

Tokyo 2016: At Tokyo Fest, Lipstick Under My Burkha dares to dream

Tokyo 2016: Tokyo Film Festival zooms in on today’s dilemmas

Tokyo 2016: Meryl Streep-starrer Florence Foster Jenkins opens Tokyo Film Fest

Tokyo 2016: Tokyo Film Fest to focus on Indonesia

Tokyo 2016: India’s Lipstick Waale Sapne to premiere at Tokyo Film Fest

Tokyo 2016: Two Japanese films to compete at Tokyo Film Fest

Tokyo 2106: Meryl Streep-starrer Florence Foster Jenkins to open Tokyo Film Festival

Venice 2016: Another view from Venice: Of love, war and the Pope

Venice 2016: Filipino film, The Woman Who Left, clinches Venice’s top Golden Lion

Venice 2016: Italian films at Venice tackle unwanted pregnancy and neurosis

Venice 2016: Jackie, the icon America loved. elegantly captured in Jackie

Venice 2016: Francois Ozon’s romance, Frantz, endears to all at Venice

Venice 2016: View from Venice – Not happily-ever-after love stories

Venice 2016: After The Young Pope, Sorrentino to helm a film on Silvio Berlusconi

Venice 2016: Hacksaw Ridge, Mel Gibson shows a soldier’s extraordinary heroism

Venice 2016: Jude Law’s The Young Pope at Venice is shoocking

Venice 2016: At Venice, fashionista Tom Ford adapts Austin Wright’s novel with style

Venice 2016: Venice presents a moral dilemma in The Light Between Oceans

Venice 2016: Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling’s La La Land dazzles at Venice’s opening night

Venice 2016: Venice films sail into the Oscar night

Venice 2016: Venice Film Festival promises to gripping

Venice 2016: Iranian helmer Mohsen Makhmalbaf’s banned film goes to Venice

Venice 2016: India’s Chaitanya Tamhane on Venice Film Fest jury

Venice 2016: Venice Film Festival unveils titles

Venice 2016: Venice Critics’ Week to open with British drama, Prevenge

Venice 2016: Jude Law’s The Young Pope to premiere at Venice Film Fest

Venice 2016: Venice Film Festival to open with Hollywood musical, La La land

Cannes 2016: Korea’s The Handmaiden wows the world at Cannes

Cannes 2016: Those magic moments at Cannes

Cannes 2016: Now that it is over, Cannes must be heaving a sigh of relief

Cannes 2016: British veteran Ken Loach wins Cannes’ top Palm d’Or for I, Daniel Blake

Cannes 2016: Romania’s Graduation is a strong contender at Cannes

Cannes 2016: Jim Jarmusch’s Patterson is an extraordinarily simple work

Cannes 2016: Pedro Almodovar talks about Panama Papers and Julieta

Cannes 2016: Cannes comes alive with George Clooney and Ken Loach

Cannes 2016: Loving, a film about interracial marriage, sparkles at Cannes

Cannes 2016: The Handmaiden is a ravishing lesbian crime thriller

Cannes 2016: Ken Loach’s I, Daniel Blaks is a brutal look at bureaucracy

Cannes 2016: At Cannes George Clooney says Trump will not triumph

Cannes 2016: Cannes Fest begins with an ugly rape joke against Woody Allen

Cannes 2016: Woody Allen’s Cafe Society to push Cannes Fest into motion and magic

Cannes 2016: Yet again, a Woody Allen work opens Cannes today

Cannes 2016: Charlize Theron to capitivate Cannes all over again

Cannes 2016: American Honey ‘most me’ says auteur Andrea Arnold

Cannes 2016: Raging Bull Robert De Niro to be at Cannes with Hands of Stone

Cannes 2016: At Critics’ Week, Seema Biswas to be seen in a Singaporean film

Cannes 2016: Asghar Farhadi’s The Salesman added to Cannes Competition

Cannes 2016: Serbian auteur Emir Kusturica denies Cannes rejected his film

Cannes 2016: Serbian helmer Emir Kusturica criticises Cannes Film Fest

Cannes 2016: Cannes is irresistible attraction, and India is not exempt

Cannes 2016: No Indian film makes it to the Film Festival

Cannes 2016: Where talent is discovered and legends are born

Cannes 2016: Cannes hopefuls

Cannes 2016: Woody Allen’s 1930s-set Cafe Society to open Cannes Film Fest

Cannes 2016: Cannes entry for Jodie Foster’s Clooney-starrer Money Monster

Cannes 2016: Japanese helmer Naomi Kawase to head Short Films Jury at Cannes

Cannes 2016: Cannes Film Festival  supremo Thierry Fremaux is not quitting

Dubai 2015: Arab cinema gives Dubai Film Festival a sparkle

Dubai 2015: At Dubai Fest, love stories that remind you of Bollywood

Dubai 2015: At Dubai Fest, stories of suffering women and their battles

Dubai 2015: At Dubai Fest, Arab cinema and Naseeruddin Shah

Dubai 2015: Go Home, a blend of the real and unreal

Dubai 2015: Naseeruddin-Kalki starrer Waiting is a tragic, witty affair

Dubai 2015: Dubai Film Fest campaigns for Arab cinema

Dubai 2015: Naseeruddin Shah gets Lifetime Achievement Award at Dubai

Dubai 2015: Dubai Film Fest to kick off with Lenny Abrahamson’s Room

Dubai 2015: Dubai Film Fest to begin with deeply moving Room

Dubai 2015: Compelling Arab lineup at Dubai Film Fest

Dubai 2015: Thithi, For The Love Of A Man and Waiting in Dubai Fest lineup

Dubai 2015: Dubai Fest to honour French cinema great Catherine Deneuve

Cairo 2015: Umrika and The Wednesday Child sparkle at Cairo Film Fest

Cairo 2015: Nair’s Umrika explores the yearning for the exotic

Cairo 2015: At Cairo Film Fest, Paulina poses a perplexing question

Cairo 2015 : Our Everyday Life, a moving story of a war-torn family

Cairo 2015: The Wednesday Child, a touching tale of mother’s quest for  son

Cairo 2015: Cairo Film Fest, an effort to popularise arthouse fare

Cairo 2015: Cairo Film Festival begins with Meryl Streep work

Cairo 2015: Prashant Nair’s Umrika goes to Cairo Film Festival

Cairo 2015: Radhika Apte replaces Farah Khan on Cairo Film Fest jury

Cairo 2015: Bollywood director Farah Khan on Cairo Film Fest jury

Tokyo 2015: Cinema of social relevance at Tokyo Film Fest

Tokyo 2015: Land of Mine undermines humanism in times of war

Tokyo 2015: Two vastly different Indian movies at Tokyo Film Festival

Tokyo 2015: Tokyo Film Festival — All Three of Us is powerfully heartwarming

Tokyo 2015: Two Indian movies, vastly different, play at Tokyo Film Fest

Tokyo 2015: A movie must keep me awake: Bryan Singer at Tokyo Film Fest

Tokyo 2015: Japanese cinema gets a boost at Tokyo Film Fest

Tokyo 2015: Tokyo Film Festival opens with Robert Zemeckis’ The Walk

Tokyo 2015: Ratnam’s work leads Indian run at Tokyo Film Festival

Tokyo 2015: Tokyo Film Fest to celebrate Japanese master Kon Ichikawa

Tokyo 2015: Horror Night to showcase J-Horror classics at Tokyo Film Fest

Tokyo 2015: War, refugee influx common threads at Tokyo Film Fest

Tokyo 2015: OK Kanmani, two other Indian movies headed for Tokyo

Silk Road 2015: China’s Silk Road Film Festival focuses on India

Silk Road 2015: India’s Swara Bhaskar wins Best Actress Prize at Silk Road Film Fest

Silk Road 2015: Silk Road International Film Festival opens with Dil Dhadakne Do

Venice 2015: Island City, a disturbing study of Mumbai

Venice 2015: Two gems from Venice Film Fest

Venice 2015: Venezuealan film From Afar wins top award at Venice Film Fest

Venice 2015: Tamil film at Venice fest captures cop cruelty

Venice 2015: Ruchika Oberoi’s Island City wins prize at Venice

Venice 2015: Vetrimaaran’s Visaaranai takes a brutal look at police atrocity

Venice 2015: Wednesday May 9, a fine Iranian film at Venice Fest

Venice 2015: Venice Fest takes on the clergy and the criminal

Venice 2015: The Clan, a sordid tale from Argentina of 1980s

Venice 2015: Black Mass is Johnny Depp’s career best

Venice 2015: Ruchika Oberoi’s Island City is a disturbing study of Mumbai

Venice 2015: Amos Gitai in Venice with a film on Rabin’s assassination

Venice 2015: Venice Fest opens with mountaineering adventure, Everest

Venice 2015: Venice Fest opens on September 2, shows signs of getting into shape

Venice 2015; Venice Film Fest tribute to Orson Welles and Brian de Palma

Venice 2015: Venice Film Fest’s centennial tribute to Orson Welles

Venice 2015: Venice Film Fest to honour American director Brian de Palma

Venice 2015: Come September, three Indian films will roll into Venice

Venice 2015: Visaaranai, Vetrimaaran’s Tamil film in Venice Film Fest

Venice 2015: Pyaasa and Ruchika Oberoi’s Island City in Venice  Fest sidebar

Venice 2015: Venice Film Fest 2015 opens with Everest on September 2

Venice 2015: Nastassja Kinski on Venice Film Fest poster

Venice 2015: Gravity director Alfonso Cuaron to chair Venice Film Fest jury

Cannes 2015: Cannes Fest chief Thierry Fremaux lambasts instant reviews

Cannes 2015: At Cannes, Ingrid Bergman and Hitchcock speak through documentaries

Cannes 2015: Indian paparazzi at Cannes smitten by Bollywood

Cannes 2015: Icelandic movie Rams wins top A Certain Regard prize

Cannes 2015: French director’s Tamil drama, Dheepan, wins Palm d’Or

Cannes 2015: Dheepan, a riveting take on the life of former Tamil Tiger

Cannes 2015: Marguerite and Julian’s a tale of incest without erotica

Cannes 2015: India’s Masaan gets loud claps, but has little novelty

Cannes 2015: Moody Woody gives Irrational Man to Cannes

Cannes 2015: The Festival offers variety at last

Cannes 2015: Carol, Nahid and more: Is Cannes 2015 obsessed with marital rift?

Cannes 2015: Two movies at the Festival, two kinds of turmoil

Cannes 2015: Woody Allen’s dark Irrational Man plays under blue Cannes sky

Cannes 2015: How on-screen sex and nudity has replaced real-life nudity at Cannes

Cannes 2015: The opening night a mad mix of magic and realism

Cannes 2015: Cannes with many firsts opens today

Cannes 2015: Song and dance to herald Cannes Film Festival 2015

Cannes 2015: Documentary on Antarctica to close Cannes Film Festival on May 24

 Cannes 2015: New titles added to Cannes Film Fest list

Cannes 2015: Cannes Film Fest lines up impressive jury

Cannes 2015: Thierry Fremaux shakes up Cannes

Cannes 2015: Double delight: Two Indian films at Cannes this year

Cannes 2015: In a first, Cannes to open with a film by a woman director

Cannes 2015: Actor Isabella Rossellini to chair A Certain Regard Jury at Cannes

Cannes 2015: Mad Max: Fury Road to premiere at Cannes Film Festival

Cannes 2015: Ingrid Bergman is the Cannes poster girl

Cannes 2015: Cannes buzz around Bombay velvet getting louder

Cannes 2015: Catching up with Cannes

Cannes 2015: Indian documentary on Gudiyam Caves at Cannes Short Film Corner

Cannes 2015: Mauritanian director to head Short Films Jury at Cannes

Cannes 2015: Will Anurag Kashyap’s Bombay Velvet land in Cannes?

Cannes 2015: The amazing Cannes

Beijing 2015: Fig Fruit and the Wasps is pure cinema

Beijing 2015: Top Tiantan Award for Mexican film Beginning of Time at Beijing

Beijing 2015; At Beijing Film Fest, two movies talk of tragedy

Beijing 2015: Fig Fruit and the Wasps: At Beijing Film Fest, an Indian work with a difference

Beijing 2015: Arnold Schwarzenegger takes centre stage at Beijing Film Fest opening

Beijing 2015: Beijing Film Fest has impressive line-up

Beijing 2015: Taviani brothers Wondrous Boccaccio to open Beijing International Film Fest

Beijing 2015: Anushka’s NH 10 at Beijing International Film Fest, Luc Besson to head jury

Abu Dhabi 2014: Abu Dhabi Film Festival closes down

Abu Dhabi 2014: Abu Dhabi Film Fest offers a fine fare

Abu Dhabi 2014: The gems of Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi 2014: India’s Labour of Love wins a prize at Abu Dhabi Film Fest

Abu Dhabi 2014: Golshifteh Farahani roped in to play Scorpion Singer in Anup Singh’s Mantra

Abu Dhabi 2014: Abu Dhabi’s Sanad fund is now open to non-Arab filmmakers

Abu Dhabi 2014: The multifaceted Irrfan Khan

Abu Dhabi 2014: What makes Irrfan Khan melt into every character he portrays

Abu Dhabai 2014: Priyanka Chopra to lead a song-and-dance show at Abu Dhabi Film Fest

Abu Dhabi 2014: The growing popularity of Arab cinema

Abu Dhabi 2014: Abu Dhabi Film Fest opens with a breezy Emirati work

Abu Dhabi 2014: Abu Dhabi Film Fest has riveting themes

Abu Dhabi 2014: Irrfan Khan to head Abu Dhabi Film Fest jury

Abu Dhabi 2014: Bengali movie, Labour of Love, to show at Abu Dhabi Film Fest

Abu Dhabi 2014: In a first ever, Abu Dhabi Fest to open with Emirati film From A To B

Venice 2014: India presents ‘realistic silence’ at Venice Festival

Venice 2014: Iran’s Mohsen Makhmalbaf underlines a bloody dictatorship in The President

Venice 2014: Chaitanya Tamhane’s Court wins two prizes at Venice Film Festival

Venice 2014: Chaitanya Tamhane’s debut feature Court steers clear of courtroom drama

Venice 2014: Why Aditya Sengupta’s Asha Jaoar Majhe has no dialogues

Venice 2014: Fatih Akin on The Cut

Venice 2014: Palestinian director Suha Arraf decries Israeli discriminatory treatment

Venice 2014: Birdman a big draw

Venice 2014: Lars Von Trier speaks at Venice, readying an ensemble series for TV

Venice 2014: Venice Festival sails through controversial films

Venice 2014: Venice Film Fest takes off with Birdman wowing all

Venice 2014: Hollywood stars to shine on Venice

Venice 2014: A Venetian odyssey for Turkish cinema

Venice 2014: Controversial U.S. director’s new film to premier at Venice

Venice 2014: India goes to Venice

Venice 2014: Indian film Court in Venice official lineup

Venice 2014: Bengali film Labour of Love to play  at Venice  sidebar

Venice 2014: Venice Lifetime prizes for American film editor, director

Venice 2014: Venice Film Fest to screen 21 restored classics

Venice 2014: Venice Film Fest to open with Inarritu’s Birdman

Venice 2014: Venice Film Fest poster honours Truffaut’s The 400 Blows

Venice 2014: In a first, composer to lead Venice Fest competition jury

Venice 2014: Chinese biopic to close Venice Film Festival

Venice 2014: Italian director to chair a Venice Film Fest jury

Venice 2014: Venice Days to open with Kim Ki-Duk’s latest film

Cannes 2014: More gems from Cannes, and an adieu

Cannes 2014: The gems of Cannes

Cannes 2014: Cannes legend Gilles Jacob takes the bow

Cannes 2014: Winter Sleep wins Palm d’ Or at Cannes

Cannes 2014: Jimmy’s Hall, where music and dance are villains

Cannes 2014: Two Days and One Night is subtly dramatic

Cannes 2014: Cinema and crime keep Cannes Fest on thrilling edge

Cannes 2014: Timbuktu a gripping critique of religious fundamentalism

Cannes 2014: Cannes, where crime and cinema mingle

Cannes 2014: Winter Sleep is magnificently mounted

Cannes 2014: Mike Leigh captures a painter’s life in masterly strokes

Cannes 2014: Grace of Monaco opens Cannes to unflattering reviews

Cannes 2014: Welcome to Cannes

Cannes 2014: Cannes Film Festival heavy on Hollywood stars

Cannes 2014: Welcome to Cannes

Cannes 2014: Cannes Film Festival heavy on Hollywood stars

Cannes 2014: Ken Loach not to retire, to vie with Mike Leigh at Cannes

Cannes 2014: Grace of Monaco caught in controversy: Kelly’s children term biopic a ‘farce’

Cannes 2014: Sophia Loren to be a guest of honour at Cannes

Cannes 2014: Cannes Fest jury is luminous

Cannes 2014: Cannes picks India’s Titli

Cannes 2014: The films Cannes missed

Cannes 2014: India’s Titli lands at Cannes Film Fest 

Cannes 2014: German helmer withdraws movie from Cannes race

Cannes 2014: Cannes Fest poster celebrates Fellini and Mastroianni

Cannes 2014: French film to open A Certain Regard at Cannes

Cannes 2014: Let’s guess what Cannes will offer

Cannes 2014: Nicole Kidman: From a killer to a princess

Cannes 2014: Will Von Trier be at it again?

Cannes 2014: Cannes to name winners a day early this year

Cannes 2014: First trailer-Grace of Monaco shows a fairy tale romance gone wrong

Cannes 2014: Iranian director, screenwriter Abbas Kiarostami to head short film jury at Cannes

Cannes 2014: Will the fairy tale princess charm Cannes?

Cannes 2014: Grace of Monaco to open Cannes this year, co-produced by Yash Raj Films

Cannes 2014: Cannes Film Festival to get a new chief

Cannes 2014: In the Palm of her hand

Dubai 2013: The Last Poem

Dubai 2013: Revelling in mediocrity

Dubai 2013: Rahul Bose plays a cad in The Last Poem

Dubai 2013: Hollywood a spoonful of sugar

Dubai 2013: The murder of baby girls

Dubai 2013: Dubai Film festival closes with American Hustle

Dubai 2013: Irrfan Khan wins top prize at Dubai Film Fest

Dubai 2013: Gunday trailer unveiled at Dubai Film Festival

Dubai 2013: A film on the East India Company will be interesting: Jim Sheridan

Dubai 2013: Meeting racism

Dubai 2013: Saving Mr Banks: the story behind the making of Mary Poppins

Dubai 2013 :Kajarya: the woe of the girl child

Dubai 2013: Simple sheen, simpler stories

Dubai 2013: Two Hollywood period films captivate Dubai Fest

Dubai 2013: Martin Sheen plays ‘Bhopal villain’ in gas tragedy film

Dubai 2013: Shekhar Kapur, Sanjay Suri part of Dubai Fest juries

Dubai 2013: Remembering Mandela: Dubai Fest opens on a note of sorrow and joy

Dubai 2013: Dubai Film Fest to open with Palestinian work

Dubai 2013: Sparky Dubai Fest in offing

Dubai 2013: Dubai Film Festival to celebrate 100 years of Indian cinema

Abu Dhabi 2013: Sen, from Ray to Rashmoni

Abu Dhabi 2013: Running on exaggeration

Abu Dhabi 2013: To India with love

Abu Dhabi 2013: India we love thee

Abu Dhabi 2013: Agony and Ecstasy at Abu Dhabi Film Festival

Abu Dhabi 2013: A Bosnian makes Indian film in Patiala

Abu Dhabi 2013: Indian autumn at Abu Dhabi Festival

Abu Dhabi 2013: Indian actress calls India her ‘mother’

Abu Dhabi 2013: Zinda Bhaag, meandering and muddled

Abu Dhabi 2013: Two Punjabi movies at Abu Dhabi Film Fest

Abu Dhabi 2013: Amritraj, Whitaker at Abu Dhabi Fest opening

Abu Dhabi 2013: Irrfan Khan, Aparna Sen to attend Abu Dhabi Film Festival

Abu Dhabi 2013: Pyaasa, Garam Hawa to be showcased at Abu Dhabi Fest

Venice 2013: Middle Eastern moods at Venice

Venice 2013: Venice Film Festival: Gloomy movies spoil the fun

Venice 2013: Ray’s Kapurush triumphs over Leconte’s A Promise at Venice

Venice 2013: Middle Eastern dramas at Venice Film Fest

Venice 2013: M for mother, and Judi Dench she is

Venice 2013: the sole new Indian film at Venice Film Fest

Venice 2013: The dark Venice

Venice 2013: Venice screens a bold film on unwed mothers

Venice 2013: Lindsay Lohan fails to show up at Venice Film Festival

Venice 2013: ‘Obstinate’ women rule the Venetian screen

Venice 2013: Venice Film Fest begins today

Venice 2013: Dark waters to flow by Venice

Venice 2013: Venice title Japanese animation film sparks storm

Venice 2013: Kush is India’s lone entry to Venice Film Festival 2013 lineup

Venice 2013: Indian movie at Venice Film Fest sidebar

Venice 2013: Satyajit Ray’s classics to be screened at Venice Film Festival

Venice 2013: Saudi woman director to head a Venice jury

Venice 2013: Venice honours Angelopoulos, Fellini

Cannes 2013: The Lunchbox plays Cupid

Cannes 2013: Gems of Cannes

Cannes 2013: Cannes jury: Bold in its decision

Cannes 2013: Cannes goofs up on India

Cannes 2013: A tale of two women

Cannes 2013: Cannes can be rigid and unfair

Cannes 2013: An emotional brush with parenthood at Cannes Film Festival

Cannes 2013: Babus at Cannes

Cannes 2013: Cannes basks in The Past

Cannes 2013: The cinemas of Cannes

Cannes 2013: What makes IFFI Director miss Cannes?

Cannes 2013: The Past shines at Cannes Film Festival

Cannes 2013: Young, beautiful and dramatic at Cannes

Cannes 2013: China shows a liberal side at Cannes

Cannes 2013: Gushing over Cannes

Cannes 2013: Amitabh Bachchan opens Cannes Film Festival 2013

Cannes 2013: The Great Gatsby to open Cannes today

Cannes 2013: Mumbai parade at Cannes

Cannes 2013: Cannes, not really a tribute to Indian cinema

Cannes 2013: Cannes makes a great choice in Vidya Balan

Cannes 2013: Charulata, Vertigo part of Cannes Classics

Cannes 2013: Vidya Balan named to Cannes jury

Cannes 2013: The Indian connection

Cannes 2013: India’s Dabba to screen at Cannes’ Critics Week

Cannes 2013: India makes it to Cannes

Cannes 2013: Three Chinese films against India’s two at Cannes

Cannes 2013: Bombay Talkies to be screened at Cannes, Nandita Das on jury

Cannes 2013: Thomas Vinterberg to head A Certain Regard Jury at Cannes

Cannes 2013: Cannes Festival list out on Thursday, will India make it?

Cannes 2013: Cannes opener not to be world premiere

Cannes 2013: Cannes breaks tradition with its opening film

Cannes 2013: Cannes Film Festival to focus on India

Cannes 2013: Cannes “breaks” tradition with The Great Gatsby

Cannes 2013: DiCaprio’s The Great Gatsby to open Cannes Fest

Cannes 2013: Will India sparkle at Cannes

Cannes 2013: Hollywood to the fore with Spielberg at Cannes

Dubai 2012: The Dubai Diaries 2

Dubai 2012: It’s a small world

Dubai 2012: Dubai Film Fest reflects a vibrant industry

Dubai 2012: Really, there is no Indian New Wave, believes Ashim Ahluwalia

Dubai 2012: The great Indian parochialism

Dubai 2012: Dubai Festival celebrates centenary of Indian cinema

Dubai 2012: Buddhadeb Dasgupta’s Quartet 1 is sheer poetry

Dubai 2012: The great Indian parochialism at Dubai Film Fest

Dubai 2012: India on Dubai’s opening night Red Carpet

Dubai 2012: Freida Pinto on Dubai Film Fest Jury

Dubai 2012: Dubai Film Festival to mark 100 years of Indian cinema

Doha Tribeca 2012: Mohsin Hamid on The Reluctant Fundamentalist

Doha Tribeca 2012: Pitfalls and picnics of Indian cinema

Doha Tribeca 2012: Bollywood is like a picnic ground, quips Anupam Kher

Doha Tribeca 2012: Robert De Niro enthrals Doha

Doha Tribeca 2012: Doha Film Fest’s opening film takes a fresh look at extremism

Doha Tribeca 2012: Mira Nair’s The Reluctant Fundamentalist to open Doha Festival

Doha Tribeca 2012: A mix of Arab and Indian films at DTFF

Doha Tribeca 2012: Yash Chopra to be honoured at Doha Tribeca Film Festival

Doha Tribeca 2012: Doha Film Festival to highlight Arab cinema

Abu Dhani 2012: Abu Dhabi Film Fest gripping

Abu Dhabi 2012: A dramatic Patience

Abu Dhabi 2012: The film festival disease: Celebrating Indian poverty

Abu Dhabi 2012: The Patience Stone

Abu Dhabi 2012: Soot and stain do not make India

Abu Dhabi 2012: Mumbai’s Child King

Abu Dhabi 2012: Child is the father of man

Abu Dhabi 2012: Everyday

Abu Dhabi 2012: Mumbai Cha Raja

Abu Dhabi 2012: Abu Dhabi Film Fest opens on a stary note

Abu Dhabi 2012: Abu Dhabi Festival sets stage for global films

Abu Dhabi 2012: Abu Dhabi Fest all set to showcase Arab cinema

Abu Dhabi 2012: Shabana Azmi to chair Abu Dhabi Film Fest jury

Abu Dhabi 2012: Abu Dhabi Film Fest gets a new Director

Abu Dhabi 2012: Richard Gere’s Arbitrage to open Abu Dhabi Film Fest

Venice 2012: Ventian violets

Venice 2012: Controversy dogs Venice Film Fest prizes

Venice 2012: Wheels of change

Venice 2012: Love Is All You Need, Mr Brosnan

Venice 2012: Wadjda: The angst of Saudi women

Venice 2012: I was dazzled by the culture: Mira Nair on Pak and The Reluctant Fundamentalist

Venice 2012: Lure of Lido lingers

Venice 2012: Mira Nair’s The Reluctant Fundamentalist

Venice 2012: Mira Nair’s film to roll Venice’s 80th birthday

Venice 2012: Will Venice Film Fest deliver

Venice 2012: The Golden Lion roars

Venice 2012: American movie legend to be honoured at Venice

Venice 2012: First look: Mira Nair’s The Reluctant Fundamentalist

Venice 2012: Shekhar Kapur to head a jury in Venice Film Fest

Cannes 2012: Gangs of India (II)

Cannes 2012: Gangs of India (I) 

Cannes 2012: Is Indian cinema changing? 

Cannes 2012: Rain-soaked Cannes saves itself with great films

 Cannes 2012: Love wins top prize at Cannes

 Cannes 2012: A discomforting tale of love from Cannes

Cannes 2012: Ken Loach’s bitter-sweet comedy moves Cannes

Cannes 2012: The cocktail at Cannes

Cannes 2012: Meaningful masala at Cannes

Cannes 2012: Cannes salutes Uday Shankar

Cannes 2012: Indian summer at Cannes

Cannes 2012: Cannes Film Fest begins on a Hollywood note

Cannes 2012: Uday Shankar’s 1948 Kalpana at Cannes Classics

Cannes 2012: The Cannes collection

Cannes 2012: Miss Lovely is India’s entry at Cannes

Cannes 2012: Cannes Film Fest’s actual list revealed at last

Cannes 2012: Claude Miller’s last film to close Cannes

Cannes 2012: Tim Roth to head A Certain Regard jury at Cannes

Cannes 2012: In the Cannes?

Cannes 2012: Heroine, Shanghai, Inkaar make it to Cannes?

Cannes 2012:Leaked list a lie

Cannes 2012: Bruce Willis work to open fest

Cannes 2012: Marilyn Monroe seduces on poster

Cannes 2012: Nanni Moretti to chair jury

Doha Tribeca 2011: Reviews

Doha Tribeca 2011: An Arab spring in autumn

Doha Tribeca 2011: Spring at Doha Film Fest

Doha Tribeca 2011: Films on frustrated artists and bizarre occurrences win Doha’s top prizes

Doha Tribeca 2011: Besson says Suu Kyi is immortal

Doha Tribeca 2011: The Lady

Doha Tribeca 2011: Doha basks in the warmth of Arab Spring

Doha Tribeca 2011: Doha’s Opening Black Gold disappoints

Doha Tribeca 2011: Miramax to offer Qatar students hands-on experience

Doha Tribeca 2011: Doha Film Fest set to grow bigger

Doha Tribeca 2011: Doha Film Fest truly international

Doha Tribeca 2011: Photographer Lacombe to partner with Doha Film Institute

Doha Tribeca 2011: Doha Film Institute to fund Mira Nair’s film

Doha Tribeca 2011: Fest to close with Aung San Suu Kyi biopic

Doha Tribeca 2011: 14 Arab films to vie at Doha Festival

Abu Dhabi 2011: Cinema on the desert

Abu Dhabi 2011: Trishna 

Abu Dhabi 2011: India wins top honours at Abu Dhabi Fest

 Abu Dhabi 2011: Frieda Pinto starrer Trishna screened at Abu Dhabi Fest

 Abu Dhabi 2011: An anguishing voyage

 Abu Dhabi 2011: Flowers of Evil

 Abu Dhabi 2011: A look at the other India

 Abu Dhabi 2011: Winterbottom’s India-based Trishna to vie at Abu Dhabi Fest

 Abu Dhabi 2011: Winterbottom’s India-based Trishna at Abu Dhabi Fest

 Abu Dhabi 2011: Moving French drama opens Abu Dhabi Film Fest

Abu Dhabi 2011: Abu Dhabi Fest to screen Charulata as Tagore tribute

Abu Dhabi 2011: The stars of Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi 2011: A classic revisited

Abu Dhabi 2011: Abu Dhabi Film Fest to open with Canada’s Oscar entry 

Abu Dhabi 2011: Two new awards for shorts at Abu Dhabi Film Fest

Venice 2011: Scandal, shame and glory at Venice

Venice 2011: A beguling cocktail of hits and misses

Venice 2011: Andrea Arnold’s Wuthering Heights screened at Venice Fest

Venice 2011: Film at Venice features tough labour conditions in China

Venice 2011: Michael Fassbender’s Shame makes us proud

Venice 2011: Soderbergh plots a virus of nervousness

 Venice 2011: David Cronenberg’s Method charms Venice

 Venice 2011: Roman Polanski’s Carnage is sheer delight

 Venice 2011: Venice cavorts with controversy

 Venice 2011: Indian cinema happy at home

 Venice 2011: George Clooney’s The Ides of March sets Fest rolling

 Venice 2011: Festival kicks off tomorrow

 Venice 2011: The news on the Rialto

 Venice 2011: Damsels in Distress to close Venice fest

 Venice 2011: Indian film at Venice

 Venice 2011: Impressive jury lined up

 Venice 2011: George Clooney’s film to open Venice fest

 Cannes 2011: Feasting on disinformation 

 Cannes 2011: Cannes gives Palm D’Or to American movie

 Cannes 2011: Cannes looks at the dilemmas of kids

 Cannes 2011: Cannes bars “Nazi” Lars

 Cannes 2011: Cannes loves to shock

 Cannes 2011: Aishwarya’s ‘Heroine’ launched Cannes 2011: Aishwarya’s ‘Heroine’ launched

 Cannes 2011: India Pavillion shines

 Cannes 2011: Cannes begins on a delightful note

 Cannes 2011: India is all over Cannes

 Cannes 2011:Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris to set Cannes rolling

 Cannes 2011: Anil Kapur to promote upcoming film at Cannes

 Cannes 2011: An Indian film as an afterthought

 Cannes 2011: Law, Thurman on jury

 Cannes 2011: No Indian movieCannes 2011: Cannes’ striptease

 Cannes 2011: Faye Dunaway is poster girl

 Cannes 2011: Buzz About Cannes

 Cannes 2011: Midnight in Paris to open Fest

 Cannes 2011: Robert De Niro to chair jury

 Dubai 2010: Movies of substance

 Dubai 2010: Fearless tales

 Dubai 2010: Bold Iranian cinema

 Dubai 2010: Karan Johar in Dubai

 Dubai 2010: Wide canvas

 Dubai 2010: Middle Eastern cinema bold

 Dubai 2010: “The King Speech” an apt opener

Dubai 2010: Dubai and diversity

Dubai 2010: Indian winter at Dubai

Dubai 2010: Fine cinema at the coming Dubai Film Festival

Dubai 2010: Acclaimed The King’s Speech to open Dubai Film Fest

Abu Dhabi 2010: The brightest Khan

Abu Dhabi 2010: Pan Singh Tomar reviewed in Screen International

Abu Dhabi 2010: Russian work gets top prize

Abu Dhabi 2010: Of runner, dacoits and rebels

Abu Dhabi 2010: Paan Singh Tomar premiers

Abu Dhabi: Murali Nair’s bleating goat

Abu Dhabi 2010: The delightful tale of a bleating goat

Abu Dhabi 2010: A veritable feast for the eyes

Abu Dhabi 2010: About once upon a time Yugoslavia

Abu Dhabi 2010: The legend of Ray haunts Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi 2010: Bosnian director rues division of Yugoslavia

Abu Shabi 2010: An amazing Adrian

Abu Dhabi 2010: Autograph tribute to Ray

Abu Dhabi 2010: Lights, Camera, Action

Abu Dhabi 2010: Festival brings marvels of the world

Abu Dhabi 2010: Set for Festival

Abu Dhabi 2010:“Autograph” to premiere

Abu Dhabi 2010: Middle East to be highlighted

Abu Dhabi 2010: Short films to be celebrated too

Venice 2010: Venetian charm

Venice 2010: Yellow Boots, but where’s thrill?

Venice 2010: Political Venice

Venice 2010: A storm in the Venetian teacup

Venice 2010: Kashyap’s Girl in Yellow Boots

Venice 2010: Educating Frieda

Venice 2010: Venice honours Mani Ratnam

Venice 2010: John Woo honoured

Venice 2010: Frieda’s Venice

Venice 2010: Jafar Panahi’s music melts Venice

Venice 2010: Venice kicks off with Black Swan

Venice 2010: Venetian Vista

Venice 2010: A Young Venice

Venice 2010: Two Indian movies at Venice

Venice 2010: Black Swan to open Fest

Cannes 2010: Bold and beautiful

Cannes 2010: Of Gods and Men

Cannes 2010: Faltering in the festival circuit

Cannes 2010: Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past lives

Cannes 2010: Upsets mark Cannes Palms

Cannes 2010: A Korean gem 

Cannes 2010: Guesses 

Cannes 2010: Woody Allen disappoints

 Cannes 2010: Udaan does not soar

 Cannes 2010: Udaan flies into Cannes

 Cannes 2010: Repressing cinema

 Cannes 2010: Venice to honour Mani Ratnam

 Cannes 2010: Mike Leigh at Cannes

 Cannes 2010: Raavan unveiled at Cannes

 Cannes 2010: Mrinal Sen’s film in Cannes Classics

 Cannes 2010: Chaos and controversy at Cannes

 Cannes 2010: Shekhar Kapur announces Paani at Cannes

 Cannes 2010L: More art than glamour this year

 Cannes 2010: India Pavillion has no ‘Udaan’ poster

 Cannes 2010: The darling and the demon

 Cannes 2010: Aishwarya Rai walks the red carpet

 Cannes 2010: Robin Hood opens Cannes Film Festival

 Cannes 2010: Festival to savour beauty of cinema

Cannes 2010: Robin Hood director to miss Cannes

Cannes 2010: Reel of honour

Cannes 2010: A ‘Different Pilgrimage’ at Cannes

Cannes 2010: Woody Allen will be at Cannes

Cannes 2010: Indian film, Udaan, at Cannes

Cannes 2010: An Asian summer at Cannes

Cannes 2010: Festival to screen Indian movie, Udaan

Cannes 2010: Kristin Scott Thomas to host Cannes

Cannes 2010: Kites may screen at Cannes

Cannes 2010: Robin Hood to open Festival on May 12

Cannes 2010: Will Burton bring sweet madness to Cannes?

Cannes 2010: Tim Burton to head Cannes Fest jury

Cannes 2010: Will Woody Allen be at Cannes this summer? 

Emir Kusturica sees grim times for cinema

Mexican film wins top prize

The best of the Festival

Jim Jarmusch’s India plan?

Ben Kingsley hopes to be cinema’s envoy

Elia Suleiman places hope on Obama

“Ben Kingley should not play Shah Jahan”

Rituparno Ghosh gives Marrakech a miss

Marrakech opens with a feel-good film

Rituparno Ghosh gives Marrakech a miss

Nandita Das on jury

Marrakech Festival a boon for local cinema

Abbas Kiarostami to head Marrakech jury

Venice 2009: Anurag Kashyap on Venice competition jury

Venice 2009: The Venetian Sorrow

Venice 2009: Black Venice

Venice 2009: Israel’s ‘Lebanon’ wins Golden Lion at Venice

Venice 2009: Political fancies at the Venice Film Festival

Venice 2009: Delhi 6: Out of Competition at Vence – A Review

Venice 2009: Politicians livid over Venice Festival film

Venice 2009: “Bad Lieutenant” creates bad blood between two directors in Venice

Venice 2009: Dev.D: Out of Competition at Venice – A Review

Venice 2009: Gulaal : Out of Competition at Venice – A Review

Venice 2009: Clooney and Damon star attractions at Venice

Venice 2009: Baaria Opens Venice Film Festival

Venice 2009: Cinema Paradiso

Venice 2009: Anurag Kashyap on Venice jury

Venice 2009: Moore’s ‘Capitalism, 70 others to premiere at Venice

Venice 2009: An Indian summer at Venice

Venice 2009: Anurag Kashyap on Venice competition jury

Venice 2009: Venice Festival may be strong on European fare

Cannes 2009: Golden Palms

Cannes 2009: Bloody

Cannes 2009: Probable Palm clinchers

Cannes 2009: Violence, sex rule cinema

Cannes 2009: Market flies through economic meldown

Cannes 2009; Masterly disappointments

Cannes 2009: Lars Von Trier shocks

Cannes 2009: Indian dreams and desperations

Cannes 2009: Keats’ poetry, Campion’s reading

Cannes 2009: Lou Ye’s controversial disaster

Cannes 2009: Opens with 3-Adventure, Up

Cannes 2009: Clash of titans on the croisette

Cannes 2009: Sexy sirens and political propagandists

Cannes 2009: Is Sharmila Tagore right?

Cannes 2009: Amid gloom, Cannes set to sparkle

Cannes 2009: The stars in Cannes’ dark skies

Cannes 2009: Chinese director defies Beijing

Cannes 2009: Unveils lineup of masters

Cannes 2009: Almodovar’s Broken Promises and other probables

Cannes 2009: Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds to compete

Cannes 2009 :3D animated film, Up, to open Festival on May 13

Cannes 2009: Honours Clint Eastwood

Venice 2008

Cannes 2008: The choice

Cannes 2008: Zero for India

Marrakech 2007: Gripping

Venice 2007: Umbrella

Venice 2007: Cleopatra

Venice 2007: A fixer and a sleuth

Venice 2007: Beyond the Years

Venice 2007: Searchers 2.0

Venice 2007: Triumphing against odds

Venice 2007: Glory to the Filmmaker

Venice 2007: The Horror that Iraq is

Venice 2007: Dark period movies to begin with

Cannes 2007: The Edge of Heaven

Cannes 2007: Gus Van Sant and Paranoid Park

Cannes 2007: Killers and Killings

Cannes 2007: Political cinema

Cannes 2007: More on the spy

Cannes 2007: The prizes

Cannes 2007: The spy who came in from the cold

Cannes 2007: The second half

Cannes 2007: Guess time

Cannes 2007: Breath of Zodiac

Cannes 2007: The Newsmakers

Cannes 2007: French musical, Russian Banishment and Tautou as Coco

Cannes 2007: Of Europe and Asia

Cannes 2007: Wong Kar-wai’s Blueberry starter

Cannes 2007: Bollywood calls on Cannes

Cannes 2007: At 60, looking back on magic and mirth

Deauville Asian Film Festival 2007: The Good and the not so good

Marrakech 2006: Indians stay away

Marrakech 2006: Bachchan to be honoured

Cannes 2006: Babel is a babel of events

Cannes 2006: Depardieu’s Soliloques in The Singer

Cannes 2006: Ken Loach’s barley and roses

Cannes 2006: Volver is magnificence

Cannes 2006: Minimalism, too

Cannes 2006: Political delights

Cannes 2006: Top prize for Ken Loach

Cannes 2006: The Da Vinci Code reviewed

Cannes 2006: Usual suspects missing

Cannes 2006: The Da Vinci Code to open the festival

Cannes 2006: First ever Chinese jury president

Cannes 2005: Jarmusch & Wenders

Cannes 2005: French cinema

Cannes 2005: David Cronenberg’s A History of Violence

Cannes 2005: Lars von Trier’s Manderlay

Cannes 2005: Woody Allen’s Match Point

Cannes 2005: Artistic Director loves Indian Cinema

Cannes 2005: Explosion of Indian presence

Cannes 2005: Old formula sans controversy

Cannes 2005: Nandita Das on the main international jury

Deauville Asian Film Festival 2005: Fulfilling experience

Cannes 2004: The gems

Cannes 2004: Moore gets Golden Palm

Cannes 2004: Palm and politics

Cannes 2004: Moore explodes with his documentary

Cannes 2004: In and out

Cannes 2004: The French Riviera is ready for movie madness

Cannes 2004: Moore to step in with controversy

Cannes 2004: No Indian entry

Cannes 2004: Ready to lighten moods 

Deauville Asian Film Festival 2004: Entertaining

Dubai 2010: Style and substance to mark the Fest

Cannes 2011: Lars Von Trier may not be lucky this time



Academy Awards 2015: Saint Laurent, Winter Sleep in Oscars race

Academy Awards 2015: Race for Oscars 2015 – Winter Sleep to be Turkey’s official entry

Academy Awards 2014: Will Steve McQueen be the first black director to win an Oscar?

Academy Awards 2014: Will moral issues mar Woody Allen’s Oscar chances?

Academy Awards 2014: The Broken Circle Breakdown

Academy Awards 2014: The Missing Picture…January 28 2014

Academy Awards 2014: The Great Beauty…January 22 2014

Academy Awards 2014: The Hunt…January 18 2014

Academy Awards 2014: Oscar race: Philomena is a big bet

Academy Awards 2011: Oscars shorlist of best pic inspiring

Academy Awards 2011: Why Peepli (Live)?

Academy Awards 2010: Oscars’ other considerations

Academy Awards 2010: An Education

Academy Awards 2010:Up

Academy Awards 2010:A Serious Man

Academy Awards 2010: District 9 Reviewed

Academy Awards 2010:The predictions

Academy Awards 2010: Inglorious Basterds Reviewed

Academy Awards 2010:The Hurt Locker Reviewed

Academy Awards 2010: Christopher Waltz

Academy Awards 2010: George Clooney

Academy Awards 2010: Meryl Streep

Academy Awards 2010: SandraBullock

Academy Awards 2010 : A tale of two actresses

Academy Awards 2010: The famous five fight

Academy Awards 2010: The Oscar rivals

Academy Awards 2010: Haneke, Audiard & Oscars

Academy Awards 2010: Foreign language Oscars unpredictable

Academy Awards 2010: Better Indian film for the Oscars

Academy Awards 2007: The Departed Indian flavour

Academy Awards 2007: “Rang De Basanti” out

Academy Awards 2006: Mountain Crashes among winners

Academy Awards 2006: Hopefuls

Academy Awards 2006: Nominations for smaller, personal films

Academy Awards 2005: No Oscar for Scorsese, yet again

Fox closes shop in India

Academy Awards 2005: Triumph of spirit in the Foreign Language Category

Interpreter: Film being shot inside U.N.

Academy Awards 2004: Bowled over by fantasy

Academy Awards 2004: Nominations unspool surprises



Three Colours: Blue, White and Red : Kieslowski’s trilogy…



Potter Mania

Miami Vice: Cops with dash and daring

Downfall – Trying to give a human face to a monster: Review

The Constant Gardner – An African journey: Review

Lady in the Water – Not even a fairytale: Review

A History of Violence – Mocking us with a message: Review

Brokeback Mountain – A gentle version of Westerns: Review

Zhang Ziyi double cross

Saviour Superman Returns

Capote – Ruthless pursuit of a dream: Review

Syriana – Oil politics: Review

Basic Instinct 2 – A study in desperation: Review

After the Sunset – Diamonds and love: Review

Cracking the Da Vinci Code

Walk the Line – Song of love: Review

Crash – Black is not beautiful: Review

Pride and Prejudice – Not quite Austen: Review

The Interpreter – Gripping work: Review

War of the Worlds – Disappointing, though visually great: Review

The Interpreter

Hitch – A dumb affair: Review

Shall We Dance – Not enough toe-tapping: Review

The Aviator – Not Scorsese’s best: Review

Alexander – abridged version disappointing: Review

Bride and Prejudice: Rubbishing Jane Austen

The Village – A silly joke: Review

Mystic River: Review

Fahrenheit 9/11: Temperatures soar

Troy: Review

Fahrenheit 9/11: Not for all

50 First Dates: Review

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: Soulless saga

The Passion of the Christ: Gibson’s passion

The Passion of the Christ: Review

Something’s Gotta Give: Review

Gothika: Review

Hellboy: Of beasts and beauties

Mona Lisa Smile: Inspiring a generation

Mona Lisa Smile: Review

Cold Mountain – Loving through a war: Review

The Last Samurai: Hollywood spectacle



Exciting times ahead for movie buffs



Gong Li is a Hollywood star, finally

Shohei Imamura: Exploring the dark and the forbidding

Ismail Merchant: The film behind the movie

Cary Grant is still adorable

Steven Spielberg: An intelligent entertainer

Marlon Brando: Brilliance behind the mumble

Jack Nicholson: An enduring affair

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