Stalking in cinema

When the man on the screen can stalk his love, hoping that she would come around and fall into his arms, why cannot a fan  do that! There are many many actors who have stalked women on the screen

Karthi salvages his image

Theeran Adhigaram Ondrun picks up additional stars, because Karthi has finally come clean of some of his boringly irritating manners. For one, he has stopped rolling his eyes! 

Mike Pandey’s tiger movie

Conservationist Mike Pandey is all set to helm a new feature now titled The Return of the Tiger, and Bollywood star John Abraham has been roped in. Now this looks like a fantastic combo.





Dubai International Film Festival 2017


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Tokyo International Film Festival 2017 


El Guna Film Festival 2017  


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Cannes Film Festival 2017


Dhaka International Film Festival 2017


International Film Festival of India 2017







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