Rajinikanth, will he?

Every now and then, Tamil superstar Rajinikanth becomes a media sensation. As he is now. And not surprisingly so, given the political and even administrative vacuum that Tamil Nadu has been experiencing.

Remembering Ray

I realised that my memory of Ray 25 years after his death remained unclouded, and I still remembered some of the great moments I have had with him as a cub journalist in The Statesman.

Irrfan the best

Long ago, I wrote – perhaps much to the chagrin of others – that the best of the Khans was Irrfan. Many years later, today, I still feel the same. There is something unique about Irrfan  


Cannes Film Festival 2017


Dhaka International Film Festival 2017


International Film Festival of India 2016


Cairo Film Festival 2016


Tokyo Film Festival 2016


Venice Film Festival 2016




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