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Clumsy mix of  fiction and fact in Bollywood-obsessed orphan’s tale…June 25 2019

Frightening glimpse into near-future India under draconian rule...June 18 2019

Movie master’s reflective study of aging film director low on energy...June 13 2019

Cannes Palm d’Or winner, ‘Parasite’ is a brutal look at social inequality…June 11 2019

Young Ahmed’: Cannes prize winner offers a harsh look at radicalisation…May 27 2019

Of Fathers and Sons captures the moment childhood is lost…May 15 2019

The Last Summer: A flat teen rom-com that needs updating...May 11 2019

Breaking up is hard to do...April 28 2019

The Curse of La Llorona: Ghost story falls frightfully short on scare factor...April 23 2019

Selection Day: Once again TV cricketing series lacks spin and spirit of book...April 17 2019

‘The Tashkent Files’  rakes up a long-dead issue at last...April 14 2019

Childhood fancy adventure not quite what dreams are made of…April 10 2019

‘Traitors’  takes no prisoners in gripping spy drama...April 9 2019

Netflix retells story of Bonnie and Clyde in The Highwaymen…April 1 2019

Star-studded rumble in jungle packs powerful punch…March 27 2019

Put-upon mother’s journey of discovery is magical...March 26 2019

Unlikely romance loses its spark in soulless sojourn…March 19 2019

Set for Netflix, ‘Delhi Crime’  is engrossing and gut-wrenching…Mar 16 2019

‘Badla’ sinks in a quagmire of plot imperfections…March 13 2019

‘Period. End of Sentence’: India confronts the last female taboo in this award-winning documentary…March 2 2019

‘The Favourite’ is a triangular palace intrigue with an Oscar-winning lead...February 25 2019

Hip-hop dream in ‘Gully Boy’  is music to the ears...February 23 2019

Line of Descent is a dramatic tale of crime and atonement…February 16 2019

Bollywood Venetian escapade loses plot in the city of romance…February 13 2019

‘Wajib’– A father and son bond over a road trip…February 11 2019

‘Velvet Buzzsaw’: Money and cursed art paint a strange spectacle…February 2 2019

‘Gaza’: An uplifting study of a land in turmoil...January 30 2019

Syrupy Manikarnika biopic fails to impress…January 30 2019

Netflix’s first Emirati show is fascinating but lacks wit…January 26 2019

‘Why Cheat India’ is a rocky ride to the murky side of education…January 21 2019

A slanted silver screen offering on the Uri attack…January 17 2019

‘Selection Day’ fails to capture the nuances of the novel…January 14 2019

‘Girls of the Sun’– A female Kurdish battalion gives Daesh a drubbing…January 9 2019

‘Sofia’ — a damsel in distress and a selfish solution...January 1 2019





2.0 has an important message, but woven into a clumsy script...December 31 2018

‘What Will People Say’ tells the conflicted story of a teenage girl in a globalised world…December 24 2018

Turkish Netflix drama, ‘The Protector’, a let-down…December 21 2018

Roma delivers soul and spirit — and a dash of Mexican magic…December 19 2018

Mowgli’s latest run releases on Netflix...December 9 2018

‘Fatwa’ explores extremism through a father’s eyes...December 4 2018

The Wild Pear Tree is a gripping story despite the slow pace…December 2 2018

Green Book’, a road trip peppered with hilarity and humiliation...November 24 2018

The Reports on Sarah and Saleem: An affair to remember…November 21 2018

‘Baazaar’ tries and fails to rip off  Wall Street blockbusters…November 11 2018

Dancing away from a repressive regime in ‘The White Crow’ … November 7 2018

A cinematic exploration of the human instinct to  defy and disobey...October 28 2018

The Old Man and the Gun: Robert Redford oozes boyish charm at 82…October 24 2018

Beauty and the Dogs takes hard look at an unfeeling society…October 20 2018

Bollywood legend Kajol disappoints as a mollycoddling mother in Helicopter Eela…October 16 2018

‘Midnight Delhi’ is a bewildering tale of violence…October 13 2018

‘July 22′ is a horrific tragedy in which children become political pawns...October 9 2018

‘Sui Dhaaga’ is a beautifully tailored look at entrepreneurial spirit…October 2 2018

A dissatisfying portrait of life in the shadow of the Syrian war...September 30 2018

Fact meets fiction in ambitious drama ‘Yomeddine’...September 27 2018

‘Dear Son’ a superb study of a failing family…September 26 2018

‘Love Sonia’ presents a tragic picture of trafficked women…September 18 2018

‘Soni’: A placid attempt at highlighting violence against women...September 12 2018

ÍSIS Tomorrow’ has a question for us today…September 12 2018

‘Screwdriver’ explores the impact of long-term isolation…September 11 2018

An imaginative approach to capturing tension on screen...September 8 2018

Bradley Cooper directorial debut is love at first sound...September 5 2018

‘First Man’ aims for the moon, but falls short…September 3 2018

Scary picture of India in Netflix’s ‘Ghoul’ fails to frighten...August 29 2018

‘Mile 22′ is a riddling ride through too many alleyways...August 25 2018

‘Gold’ whips up India’s patriotism through hockey...August 21 2018

‘Christopher Robin’ a timeless message even if Pooh lacks spark...August 16 2018

‘The Meg’; A giant shark movie that lacks the killer bite…August 13 2018

‘Karwaan’ is a road movie with a spirited driver...August 11 2018

Like Father is a fun, if predictable, cruise full of characters...August 8 2018

Mulk takes a disturbing look at Islamophobia in India...August 4 2018

Saheb Bibi Aur Gangster 3: A jaded cat-and-mouse roulette...July 31 2018

Skyscraper sucks Dwayne Johnson into a see-saw battle…July 30 2018

The Warning: Grisly murders and a mathematical puzzle...July 29 2018

Hotel Transylvania 3 blurs the line between good and bad…July 23 2018

Pint-sized heroes score big in Marvel’s latest flick…July 16 2018

Subtle and simple, Soorma is unlike any other sports biopic...July 14 2018

There is an ominous message in Sicario: Day of the Soldado...July 11 2018

Sacred Games: India’s gritty Netflix series debut...July 8 2018

Ocean’s 8: A delightfully smart crime caper...July 3 2018

Fawning admiration of Bollywood’s Sanjay Dutt the downfall of Sanju…July 1 2018

Pablo — A tragic love story furled by drug money…June 26 2018

Race 3 — Salman Khan fails to step on the gas as franchise stalls…June 21 2018

Kala, first Indian film in Saudi cinemas, gimmicky at best...June 17 2018


A boon that is actually a bane: India’s car chaos...January 18 2011


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