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Naomi Osaka: Docu-series smash reveals a star wondering if she is shining brightly enough...July 20 2021

Europa: Cannes film is a distressing document of migration…July 17 2021

Wild Allies: Majestic falcons take flight in inspiring new documentary...July 13 2021

Rehana Maryam Noor: Bangladesh’s first film at Cannes is a powerful watch…July 11 2021

Cannes Film Festival offers look at The Rebellious Olivia de Havilland…July 7 2021

The Ice Road: Liam Neeson turns hero to help trapped miners…July 1 2021

The Mysterious Benedict Society: Kids out to crush panic-causing fake news…June 29 2021

Kevin Hart in a new form struggling with parenting a toddler in Fatherhood…June 20 2021

French star Omar Sy gives magical touch to season two of Lupin on Netflix…June 12 2021

Chaos Walking: New Tom Holland-starring film is a hotchpotch of dystopian ideas...June 9 2021

Breaking Boundaries on Netflix: A desperate call for action to save Earth…June 7 2021

Lisey’s Story: Screen adaptation of Stephen King’s  tale is more confusing than frightening…June 5 2021

Panic on Amazon Prime sees teens risk all in mindless game…June 1 2021

Now on Netflix, Halston charts the ups and downs of a forgotten fashion icon…May 24 2021

Claustrophobic Netflix drama Oxygen takes the breath away…May 19 2021

Kate Winslet exudes quiet brilliance in sleuthing series Mare of Easttown…May 11 2021

Children of the Enemy essays grandfather’s desperate mission to rescue children of Daesh fighters...May 3 2021

Promising Young Woman: A mesmeric Oscar-tipped performance by Carey Mulligan…April 21 2021

Oscar-nominated Minari depicts an immigrant family’s American dream…April 13 2021

Oscar runner Time explore a prison sentence’s impact on one family…April 7 2021

Frances McDormand is an epitome of dignity in visually stunning, Oscar-tipped Nomadland…April 5 2021

Oscar-nominated My Octopus Teacher takes marine documentaries to new emotional depths...March 23 2021

New show Bombay Begums from Lipstick Under My Burkha director misses the mark…March 23 2021

Brother’s Keeper depicts powerful friendships in a brutal boarding school...March 19 2021

Memory Box is a haunting look at love in battered Beirut…March 9 2021

Namaste Wahala: A cross-cultural effort misfires in this Nigerian-Indian flick on Netflix…March 4 2021

Netflix’s The Girl on the Train with Parineeti Chopra goes off-track…March 1 2021

Penguin Bloom sees Naomi Watts in a poigant comeback…February 18 2021

Framing Britney Spears: documenting the tale of a shackled life…February 14 2021

Family’s border separation sparks risky road trip for Palestinian dad in 200 Meters...February 11 2021

The Man Who Sold His Skin follows a provocative path…February 10 2021

The Dig: A charming look at one history-making moment now on Netflix…February 1 2021

What Killed Maradona? A life of glory that came with pain…January 20 2021

Night Stalker – the Hunt for a Serial Killer is fraught with blood and gore…January 16 2021

Netflix’s French crime caper Lupin is thrilling to the core…January 13 2021

Actress Vanessa Kirby packs a punch as Pieces of a Woman shows grief at its most raw...January 10 2021

Strong yet subtle Sylvie’s Love is beautiful retro romance…January 4 2021


Netflix Regency romp Bridgerton big on style, small on substance…December 30 2020

New Netflix documentary on Ariana Grande hits the wrong notes…December 24 2020

A Call To Spy: Gripping World War II thriller shines a light on brave women...December 15 2020

Godmothered: Are sugary fantasies losing their charm?…December 15 2020

Netflix’s Ava follows a paid assassin who trips over her conscience…December 9 2020

Audrey:  More Than An Icon  takes viewers behind  glitz of Hollywood heroine...December 2 2020

Black Beauty: Mending broken spirits in yet another retelling of a classic...November 30 2020

Italian diva Sophia Loren still firing on all cylinders in The Life Ahead…November 25 2020

New York outshines lead stars in festive season offering Dash and Lily…November 23 2020

Holidate: A great background film with no real tension…November 2 2020

A Suitable Boy mirrors political, personal dilemmas on an unwieldy canvas…October 26 2020

On the Rocks — Bill Murray is a steal in this dad-daughter outing…October 25 2020

Nocturne sheds light on toxic competitiveness in a music school...October 24 2020

Blackpink: Light Up the Sky: The joys, angst of a K-pop group…October 15 2020

Parents face ethical quagmire to protect daughter in The Lie...October 12 2020

Hubei Halloween: Adam Sandler’s latest gag-filled Netflix rom…October 11 2020

Emily in Paris: Show-stealing fashion, but no real substance…October 5 2020

Environmental film Kiss the Ground offers hope in the face of despair…September 29 2020

Enola Holmes: Fun sleuthing gamble that is let down by its script…September 27 2020

The Third Day: Jude Law stuns in a riveting psychological thriller…September 19 2020

Freaks: You’re One Of Us: German superhero caper lets Netflix down…September 16 2020

Love, Guaranteed: A charming rom-com for the new era…September 6 2020

Serious first-world issues dealt with charming ease in moody teen drama…September 2 2020

Chemical Hearts: A romance that takes off from tragedy…August 30 2020

Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story takes rage and revenge to a tragic point…August 25 2020

The Sleepover: A mom with a hidden life on mission impossible…August 23 2020

Emotions run low in predictable damsel-in-distress drama, Khuda Haafiz…August 19 2020

Berlin, Berlin: Lolle on the run does not fly…August 18 2020

Work It playfully explores ambition through music and dance…August 11 2020

Zingy rom-com Seriously Single offers lighthearted plot with a refreshing twist…August 4 2020

The Kissing Booth 2: A rom-com with unresolved issues…July 29 2020

Dil Bechara flies high with Sushant Singh Rajput’s mesmeric performance… July 28 2020

Fatal Affair explores a  subject beaten to death…July 22 2020

Breathe: Into The Shadows has bizarre plot, shoddy writing…July 15 2020

I May Destroy You is brutal take on sexual assault…July 11 2020

Hamilton makes a successful transition to the big screen…July 4 2020

The Oak Room — A slow burner with a rich horror story...June 30 2020

Lost Bullet whizzes past car chases, fistfights…June 29 2020

Gagarine shows pain of losing home…June 27 2020

One-Way to Tomorrow: A railroad romance...June 23 2020

Artemis Fowl is a disappointing fantasy of a rescue mission…June 17 2020

Spike Lee’s Da 5 Bloods is right for the moment…June 13 2020

Netflix zombie horror series offers chills without the thrills…June 10 2020

Control Z: A high school sleuth sets out to find a vicious hacker…June 6 2020

The Lovebirds is a romance that runs into rough weather…May 31 2020

Capone: The degeneration of an evil mind…May 23 2020

The Last Dance is exactly what sports fans needed…May 19 2020

18 Presents: Story of motherly love may struggle to be believed…May 12 2020

Becoming, the (very) authorised biopic of Michelle Obama...May 6 2020

Dangerous Lies — A messy and lazily paced whodunit...May 3 2020

Lessons to be learnt from real-life school corruption scandal…April 30 2020

Extraction is high on adventure to chase away your lockdown blues...April 26 2020

Tigertail is deeply touching, but fails to achieve narrative brilliance…April 19 2020

Love Wedding Repeat crumbles despite an impressive cast...April 13 2020

Kim Kardashian West: The Justice Project — who is it for ?…April 8 2020

Despite slickness, ennui sets in as Money Heist season four streams…April 6

Coffee & Kareem is an inane adventure with a few laughs…April 4 2020

She follows a would-be Mata Hari in Mumbai’s murkiness...March 26 2020

Alison Brie is brilliant, but Horse Girl is confusing…March 23 2020

Lost Girls — Police apathy at a mother’s grief is hard to swallow…March 16 2020

Mark Wahlberg plays a cop with a conscience in Spencer Confidential…March 10 2020

Netflix drama Guilty a lesson on consent in the #MeToo era…March 8 2020

Netflix drama’s refreshingly sober take on teenage mental illness…March 3 2020

 Great storytelling makes for fascinating watch in Netflix’s Yeh Ballet…February 24 2020

Miss Americana: A telling look at pop’s most polarising star…February 5 2020

Nefta Football Club: A charming Oscar-nominated tale…February 2 2020

A Fall from Grace is a dark thriller with a fresh take…January 26 2020

Oscar nominated Brotherhood is pure unadulterated drama…January 19 2020

Adam: A story of compassion and companionship…Janaury 9 2020

1982: Witnessing a war via the corridors of a school...January 4 2020


A narrow airbrushed take on the Syrian war…December 30 2019

Jumanji: The Next Level plays on novelty…December 15 2019

Parkour (s) takes obstacle course through class conflict…December 8 2019

Scorsese scores with mayhem and the mafia in The Irishman…December 6 2019

The Perfect Candidate is a tongue-in-cheek look at the power of women…November 19 2019

Charlie’s Angels punch though the glass ceiling…November 16 2019

Housefull 4: Bollywood’s Akshay Kumar sinks in a senseless, sexist fare…November 16 2019

Lack of spirit leaves World War II saga hanging midway...November 14 2019

Driven crazy by Netflix heist drama’s endless twists…November 4 2019

Meryl’s brilliance sets Soderbergh financial dreamed Streeps apart...October 28 2019

It Must be Heaven: Elia Suleiman’s sardonic take on the world...October 23 2019

Noura’s Dream becomes nightmare dilemma in this raw tale…October 16 2019

Papicha: Rebelling through fashion in Algeria’s black decade…October 16 2019

The Sky is Pink: Priyanka Chopra disappoints, Zaira Wasim shines…October 13 2019

You Will Die at 20: Cursed boy’s Sudanese struggles mix fantasy, superstition…October 8 2019

Bitter Chestnut explores a contemporary quandary…October 7 2019

Bard of Blood is another Indian jaunt from Netflix…September 26 2019

Brilliant Pitt’s stellar performance in bedazzling space adventure…September 23 2019

Marriage Story paints love and loss with levity…September 15 2019

Discredited director’s comeback movie comes under skin…September 11 2019

Afghan tale of three troubled pregnancies fails to deliver…September 11 2019

Scales: Powerful critique of male dominance does Arab cinema proud…September 10 2019

Shadow of Water: A trek through the jungle with a predictable ending…September 10 2019

Joker: A painted face hides the bitter truth…September 9 2019

A Son is a powerful family tragedy  will  long be remembered…September 4 2019

Why animated film Bombay Rose was just  too busy and sentimental…September 3 2019

Kore-eda’s The Truth puts director in uncertain world …September 3 2019

Women troop out of The Kitchen to maul the mafia…August 26 2019

Mindhunter: Getting into the psyche of a killer...August 25 2019

Second season of Sacred Games mirrors the ills of today’s India…August 17 2019

Once Upon a Time a tame Tarantino ode to the past…August 14 2019

Arabic-language ‘Dollar’ on Netflix struggles to show its worth…August 11 2019

‘Hobbs & Shaw’– Muscle and little else...August 5 2019

‘The Great Hack’: Manipulating people with their own data…July 29 2019

‘Super 30′, an exhilarating sketch of life and times of mathematician to the poor...July 16 2019

Confused narrative impedes scare series ‘Typewriter’... July 11 2019

Spider-Man: Far from Home’ lacks the thrills to trap us in its web…July 7 2019

Pervasively powerful ‘Last Visit’ explores father-son ties in a changing world…July 3 2019

‘Yesterday’, a rom-com with a soundtrack of Beatles hits...July 1 2019

Fakir’s farcical adventure a condescending take on India...June 27 2019

Clumsy mix of  fiction and fact in Bollywood-obsessed orphan’s tale...June 25 2019

Frightening glimpse into near-future India under draconian rule...June 18 2019

Movie master’s reflective study of aging film director low on energy...June 13 2019

Cannes Palm d’Or winner, ‘Parasite’ is a brutal look at social inequality…June 11 2019

Young Ahmed’: Cannes prize winner offers a harsh look at radicalisation…May 27 2019

Of Fathers and Sons captures the moment childhood is lost…May 15 2019

The Last Summer: A flat teen rom-com that needs updating...May 11 2019

Breaking up is hard to do...April 28 2019

The Curse of La Llorona: Ghost story falls frightfully short on scare factor...April 23 2019

Selection Day: Once again TV cricketing series lacks spin and spirit of book...April 17 2019

‘The Tashkent Files’  rakes up a long-dead issue at last...April 14 2019

Childhood fancy adventure not quite what dreams are made of…April 10 2019

‘Traitors’  takes no prisoners in gripping spy drama...April 9 2019

Netflix retells story of Bonnie and Clyde in The Highwaymen…April 1 2019

Star-studded rumble in jungle packs powerful punch…March 27 2019

Put-upon mother’s journey of discovery is magical...March 26 2019

Unlikely romance loses its spark in soulless sojourn…March 19 2019

Set for Netflix, ‘Delhi Crime’  is engrossing and gut-wrenching…Mar 16 2019

‘Badla’ sinks in a quagmire of plot imperfections…March 13 2019

‘Period. End of Sentence’: India confronts the last female taboo in this award-winning documentary…March 2 2019

‘The Favourite’ is a triangular palace intrigue with an Oscar-winning lead...February 25 2019

Hip-hop dream in ‘Gully Boy’  is music to the ears...February 23 2019

Line of Descent is a dramatic tale of crime and atonement…February 16 2019

Bollywood Venetian escapade loses plot in the city of romance…February 13 2019

‘Wajib’– A father and son bond over a road trip…February 11 2019

‘Velvet Buzzsaw’: Money and cursed art paint a strange spectacle…February 2 2019

‘Gaza’: An uplifting study of a land in turmoil...January 30 2019

Syrupy Manikarnika biopic fails to impress…January 30 2019

Netflix’s first Emirati show is fascinating but lacks wit…January 26 2019

‘Why Cheat India’ is a rocky ride to the murky side of education…January 21 2019

A slanted silver screen offering on the Uri attack…January 17 2019

‘Selection Day’ fails to capture the nuances of the novel…January 14 2019

‘Girls of the Sun’– A female Kurdish battalion gives Daesh a drubbing…January 9 2019

‘Sofia’ — a damsel in distress and a selfish solution...January 1 2019





2.0 has an important message, but woven into a clumsy script...December 31 2018

‘What Will People Say’ tells the conflicted story of a teenage girl in a globalised world…December 24 2018

Turkish Netflix drama, ‘The Protector’, a let-down…December 21 2018

Roma delivers soul and spirit — and a dash of Mexican magic…December 19 2018

Mowgli’s latest run releases on Netflix...December 9 2018

‘Fatwa’ explores extremism through a father’s eyes...December 4 2018

The Wild Pear Tree is a gripping story despite the slow pace…December 2 2018

Green Book’, a road trip peppered with hilarity and humiliation...November 24 2018

The Reports on Sarah and Saleem: An affair to remember…November 21 2018

‘Baazaar’ tries and fails to rip off  Wall Street blockbusters…November 11 2018

Dancing away from a repressive regime in ‘The White Crow’ … November 7 2018

A cinematic exploration of the human instinct to  defy and disobey...October 28 2018

The Old Man and the Gun: Robert Redford oozes boyish charm at 82…October 24 2018

Beauty and the Dogs takes hard look at an unfeeling society…October 20 2018

Bollywood legend Kajol disappoints as a mollycoddling mother in Helicopter Eela…October 16 2018

‘Midnight Delhi’ is a bewildering tale of violence…October 13 2018

‘July 22′ is a horrific tragedy in which children become political pawns...October 9 2018

‘Sui Dhaaga’ is a beautifully tailored look at entrepreneurial spirit…October 2 2018

A dissatisfying portrait of life in the shadow of the Syrian war...September 30 2018

Fact meets fiction in ambitious drama ‘Yomeddine’...September 27 2018

‘Dear Son’ a superb study of a failing family…September 26 2018

‘Love Sonia’ presents a tragic picture of trafficked women…September 18 2018

‘Soni’: A placid attempt at highlighting violence against women...September 12 2018

ÍSIS Tomorrow’ has a question for us today…September 12 2018

‘Screwdriver’ explores the impact of long-term isolation…September 11 2018

An imaginative approach to capturing tension on screen...September 8 2018

Bradley Cooper directorial debut is love at first sound...September 5 2018

‘First Man’ aims for the moon, but falls short…September 3 2018

Scary picture of India in Netflix’s ‘Ghoul’ fails to frighten...August 29 2018

‘Mile 22′ is a riddling ride through too many alleyways...August 25 2018

‘Gold’ whips up India’s patriotism through hockey...August 21 2018

‘Christopher Robin’ a timeless message even if Pooh lacks spark...August 16 2018

‘The Meg’; A giant shark movie that lacks the killer bite…August 13 2018

‘Karwaan’ is a road movie with a spirited driver...August 11 2018

Like Father is a fun, if predictable, cruise full of characters...August 8 2018

Mulk takes a disturbing look at Islamophobia in India...August 4 2018

Saheb Bibi Aur Gangster 3: A jaded cat-and-mouse roulette...July 31 2018

Skyscraper sucks Dwayne Johnson into a see-saw battle…July 30 2018

The Warning: Grisly murders and a mathematical puzzle...July 29 2018

Hotel Transylvania 3 blurs the line between good and bad…July 23 2018

Pint-sized heroes score big in Marvel’s latest flick…July 16 2018

Subtle and simple, Soorma is unlike any other sports biopic...July 14 2018

There is an ominous message in Sicario: Day of the Soldado...July 11 2018

Sacred Games: India’s gritty Netflix series debut...July 8 2018

Ocean’s 8: A delightfully smart crime caper...July 3 2018

Fawning admiration of Bollywood’s Sanjay Dutt the downfall of Sanju…July 1 2018

Pablo — A tragic love story furled by drug money…June 26 2018

Race 3 — Salman Khan fails to step on the gas as franchise stalls…June 21 2018

Kala, first Indian film in Saudi cinemas, gimmicky at best...June 17 2018


A boon that is actually a bane: India’s car chaos...January 18 2011


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A Hungry India — Arab News, November 18 2010…November 18 2010

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