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NFDC 2021: Film Bazaar-Inkblot knits together the real and imaginary

NFDC 2021: Film Bazaar – Two titles that talk about human struggle

NFDC 2021: Film Bazaar throws up movies on beef ban and trade in mother’s milk

NFDC 2021: Film Bazaar to be held virtually from Jan 16

IFFI 2019: At IFFI Film Bazaar, when silence speaks

IFFI 2019:At IFFI Film Bazaar, Baba takes us in the world of a deaf-mute couple

IFFI 2019: At IFFI Film Bazaar, Josef-Born in Grace sparkles in its  timelessness as Victor Banerjee plays a priestIFFI 2019:

IFFI 2019: At IFFI Film Bazaar, Midnight Delhi is a no-holds-bar depiction of crime.

IFFI 2019: At IFFI 2019, master British moviemaker Ken Loach raises concern about rising nationalism

Mumbai 2019: At Mumbai Film Festival, Bombay Rose is an ode to the iconic city

Mumbai 2019: The Two Popes: Anthony Hopkins’, Jonathan Pryce’s film is not preachy

Mumbai 2019: Eeb Allay Ooo conveys a bold message behind the man and monkey conflict

Mumbai 2019: Mumbai Film Festival screens a movie on cannibalism

Mumbai 2019: It Must Be Heaven: Elia Suleiman’s sardonic take on the world

Mumbai 2019 : At Mumbai Film Festival, Young Ahmed is a dark, depressing take on extremism.

Mumbai 2019: A Son explores pain, guilt and angst of a couple facing tragedy.

Mumbai 2019: Bitter Chestnut is Gurvinder Singh’s stop on the snows of the Himalayas

Mumbai 2019: At Mumbai Film Festival, Goutam Ghose evokes us with Raahgir

Mumbai 2019: Mumbai Film Festival opens with Malayalam title, Geethu Mohandas’ Moothon

IFFI 2018: NFDC Film Bazaar invites only foreign publications

IFFI 2018: At IFFI 2018, Abayakto, unsaid and understated Bengali creation

IFFI 2018: When did it come in the grip of Bollywood?

Kolkata 2018: Sibel captures the plight of a mute girl in a socially stifling Turkish village

Kolkata 2018: Half Songs at Kolkata International Film Festival is melodiously mesmerising

Kolkata 2018: At Kolkata Film Festival Widow of Silence talks about pain and pathos

Kolkata 2018: Kolkata Film Festival has a tantalising basket of goodies

IFFI 2017: S Durga losing battle at IFFI is ridiculous as it gets

IFFI 2017: Majid Majidi at IFFI

IFFI 2017: Iranian director Majid Majidi seems to have found a new home in India for his creativity

IFFI 2017: Controversies galore at film festival in Goa

IFFI 2017: IFFI 2017 opening night turns into a Bollywood show, and that’s a pity!

IFFI 2017: S Durga and Nude

IFFI 2017: India needs films like Nude and S Durga: Dropping it from IFFI Panorama is a shame

IFFI 2017: No journalist to be invited to IFFI and Film Bazaar, say the chiefs

IFFI 2017: Sujoy Ghosh’s resignation shows it’s time to take Panorama seriously

IFFI 2017: Nude and S Durga out of  IFFI Panorama, despite the jury ch00sing them, is appalling

Chennai Film Festival 2017: Tagore’s Postmaster revisited in a Bengali film at Chennai Festival

Chennai Film Festival 2017: Chennai Film Fest begins with Italian documentary on African refugees

IFFI 2016: Two films light up Film Bazaar

IFFI 2016: At Film Bazaar, Khamosh Adalat Jaari Hai stirs your soul

IFFI 2016: NFDC Film Bazaar asks abhi bhi Albert Pinto Ko Gussa Kyun Aata Hai?

IFFI 2016: At NFDC Flim Bazaar, Sexy Durga is a powerful take on fear

IFFI 2016: At NFDC Film Bazaar, The Forsaken tells us where society errs

IFFI 2016: Film Bazaar at Goa, a decade and counting

IFFI 2016: NFDC Co-Production Lab’s 18 titles a great mix

Chennai 2016: Chennai Film Fest to open with Berlin clincher, Victoria

IFFI 2015: Scintillating scripts at Goa’s Film bazaar

IFFI 2015: Prakash Babu’s Mysterious Men will be a trip in fantasy

IFFI 2015: Memories And My Mother is a tale of an ageing Kolkata

IFFI 2015: Prasanna Vithanage to make a ‘historial road film”

IFFI 2015: An Off-Day Game: A gripping tale of corruption

IFFI 2015: The Man Who Knew Infinity: More exotic than real

IFFI 2015: Nandita Das, Kanu Behl, Prasanna Vithanage in NFDC Film Bazaar

Mumbai 2015: Taxing around with Thithi at Mumbai Film Festival

Mumbai 2015: Mumbai Fest plans to educate the young in meaningful cinema

Mumbai 2015: Aligarh praised at Busan, to open Mumbai Film Fest

IFFI 2014: Some stimulating cinema at Goa festival

IFFI 2014: Goa film festival needs rethink

IFFI 2014: Why not let IFFI Director Shankar Mohan stay on?

IFFI 2014: Wong Kar-wai’s The Grandmaster to close IFFI

IFFI 2014: Debating the magic realism of cinema

IFFI 2014: Avinash Arun’s Killa is adventure in the time of rootlessness

IFFI 2014: Why Indian Panorama should be free of any kind of parochialism

IFFI 2014: Detective Byomkesh Bakshi to come alive on screen, yet again

IFFI 2014: Detective Byomkesh Bakshi to come alive on screen

IFFI 2014: ‘Shakespearewallah’ Vishal Bharadwaj now ready to tackle Bard’s comedies

IFFI 2014: Ananth Mahadevan’s Rough Book brings Indian education into sharp focus

IFFI 2014: NFDC Film Bazaar: The place where award winning films find producers

IFFI 2014: Indian Panorama opens with Elizabeth Ekadashi

IFFI 2014: Iranian master Mohsen Makhmalbaf’s The President to open Festival

IFFI 2014: Makhmalbaf’s The President to open Indian film fest

IFFI 2014: IFFI has the potential to be number 1 inAsia: ShankarMohan

IFFI 2014: Rajnikanth to get award, Bachchan chief guest at IFFI

IFFI 2014: IFFI’s Film Bazaar expands base, to have new features

IFFI 2014: Mira Nair’s movie at NFDC Film Bazaar

IFFI 2014: Konkana among writers for NFDC Script Lab

IFFI 2014: Finally, Goa for Indian film fest!

IFFI 2014: Panaji will be IFFI’s permanent home, no doubts about this

IFFI 2013: East Timorese movie wins top prize at IFFI

IFFI 2013: The book vs the movie battle

IFFI 2013: The Coffin Maker proves why Naseeruddin Shah is India’s best

IFFI 2013: Thanga Meenkal: education system through a child’s eye

IFFI 2013: Baga Beach: a tale of child sex, hatred for migrants

IFFI 2013: Cannes chief loves Bollywood, defends Devdas ‘mistake’

IFFI 2013: Revathi in bilingual film, Homestay Blues

IFFI 2013: Cannes chief’s dream is to see Bollywood film in competition

IFFI 2013: Violence is not sexy, says Susan Sarandon

IFFI 2013: IFFI to stay in Goa

IFFI 2013: Benegal, Nihalani part of NFDC Film Bazaar

IFFI 2013: Susan Sarandon, Rekha to grace IFFI’s opening in Goa

IFFI 2013: Goa Film Fest promises sumptuous spread

IFFI 2013: Waheeda Rehman to be honoured

IFFI 2013: Waheda Rehman to get the first Cinema Centenary Award at IFFI

IFFI 2013: Czech film to open IFFI, 2 Indian work to compete for Golden Peacock Awards

IFFI 2013: Kamal Hassan, Rekha and Asha Bhosle to open IFFI

IFFI 2013: Victor Banerjee, Prasanna Vithanage on IFFI jury

Mumbai 2013: Costa Gavras’ window to the world

Mumbai 2013: Deepa Mehta has ‘adoption’ on her mind for next film

Mumbai 2013: Stirring fare at Mumbai Film Fest

Mumbai 2013: Rituparno Ghosh’s last film at Mumbai Fest

Mumbai 2013: A legend named Costa Gavras

Mumbai 2013: Mumbai Film Festival opens with Lee Daniels’ The Butler

Mumbai 2013: The shine at Mumbai Film Fest

Mumbai 2013: Mumbai Film Fest plans robust academic activity

Mumbai 2013: WikiLeaks movie to close Mumbai Film Fest

Mumbai 2013: Cannes winner goes to Mumbai Fest in a trail of storm

Mumbai 2013: Mumbai Film Fest to open with The Butler

Mumbai 2013: Crowning glory for Kamal

Mumbai 2013: Kamal Hassan to be honoured at Mumbai Film Fest.

IDSFFK 2013: The social crusade of cinema

IDSFFK 2013: No country for documentaries

IDSFFK 2013: Documentaries charm and shock us

IDSFFK 2013: Documentary fest begins with gripping Palestinian film

IDSFFK 2013: World docu-short film festival begins today in Kerala

IFFI 2012: With You Without You

IFFI 2012: Mohsin Hamid on The Reluctant Fundamentalist

IFFI 2012: Indian cinema must travel across the country

IFFI 2012: Adoor’s Swayamvaram on brand new print

IFFI 2012: Irrfan’s incredible journey

IFFI 2012: Ang Lee’s Life of Pi to open International Film Festival of India

Osian’s Cinefan 2012: Baffling choice of films at 2012 Osian’s Cinefan

Osian’s Cinefan 2012: Cashing in on celluloid artefacts

Osian’s Cinefan 2012: Can Delhi spawn Delhiwood?

Osian’s Cinefan 2012: The Orange Suit

Osian’s Cinefan 2012: Cinema under the hammer

Osian’s Cinefan 2012: Osian’s Cinefan begins with Japanese anime

Osian’s Cinefan 2012: Osian’s Cinefan to roll with Japanese film

Osian’s Cinefan 2012: A gypsy love story at Osian’s Cinefan

Osian’s Cinefan 2012: Marco Mueller to be on Cinefan Fest jury

IFFI 2011: Bikas Mishra’s Chauranga wins award at IFFI’s Film Bazaar

IFFI 2011: Husain film screened after initial qualms

IFFI 2011: Distinctive change in IFFI after new director takes over

IFFI 2011: IFFI all bright and shining this autumn

IFFI 2011: Konkani cinema set for its most expensive film

IFFI 2011: IFFI – Where Israel and Iran shake hands

IFFI 2011: Bollywood delays IFFI openings

IFFI 2011: Shahrukh Khan to open IFFI in Goa on Wednesday

ICFF 2011: Fest a huge mess

ICFF 2011: Back to the tent

ICCF 2011: Meadow wins Golden Elephant

ICFF 2011: Compelling cinema from Middle East

ICFF 2011: Adult content

ICFF 2011: An Arab-Jewish tale of love

ICFF 2011: A big mess

ICFF 2011: Gattu heralds Fest

ICFF 2011: Fest seems promising

ICFF 2011: Lineup looks impressive

IFFI 2010: Movies that scored at IFFI

IFFI 2010: Too many cooks

IFFI 2010: Rituparno Ghosh’s poetic tribute to Tagore

IFFI 2010: Crack in the IFFI halo

IFFI 2010: IFFI’s troubles

IFFI 2010: IFFI’s all pervading drama

IFFI 2010: West is West sets IFFI sailing

IFFI 2010: The travails of an Indian film festival

IFFI 2009:An oasis in the desert

IFFI 2009: Finally, bright spots

IFFI 2009: Red Carpet circus

IFFI 2009: Disappointments galore at IFFI

IFFI 2009: The decaying festival

IFFI 2009 Panorama selection questionable

IFFI 2009: Festival to open lyrically with China’s “Wheat

IFFI 2009: Another iffy situation

Mumbai Film Festival 2009: Why it scores over Goa

Mumbai Film Festival 2009: Mad about the movies

Mumbai’Film Festival 2009: Young movie critics

Mumbai Film Festival 2009:”Land Gold Women” on honour killings

Mumbai Film Festival 2009: To open with “Informant”

International Film Festival Of India 2008

International Film Festival Of India 2005: Headless and floundering

India International Disability Film Festival 2005: Towards an inclusive society

Pune International Film Festival 2005: Triumph of spirit

Chennai International Film Festival 2004: Passion for arthouse fare

International Film Festival Of India 2004: Goa is no Cannes

International Film Festival Of India 2004: A basket of attractions

International Film Festival Of India 2004: Will it be held at all ?



Taking on movie pirates

Television channel “scripts” casting couch syndrome



Adoor’s Rat-Trap

Mughal-E-Azam – Now in colour: Review



Jodhaa Akbar irks Rajputs

Indian Casablanca

Water EThe agony of Varanasi widows

Black Friday EProvocative and disturbing

Parzania – A genocidal loss

Social Bollywood

Omkara – Othello comes to U.P. badlands: Review

Krrish: Bollywood’s very own Superman

Kaalpurush (Memories in the Mist) EIntimate cinema: Review

Mangal Pandey: Will he rise?

Paheli – Unrealistic glossy: Review

Black – Restrained, but not enough: Review

Raincoat – Playacting in love: Review

Kaya Taran: A look at anti-Sikh riots



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Pans & Tilts…Deceit, Sarkar Raj, Hollybolly

Pans & Tilts…Sarkar Raj, Dasavatharam, Prakash Raj, Damsels in distress

Pans & Tilts…Dasavatharam, Sarkar Raj, NFDC

Pans & Tilts…India in Cannes Market, Guide, Jag Mundhra, Juvenile blogging

Pans & Tilts…Getting into Cannes, Bollywood in soup, mindless morality, Mrinal Sen

Pans & Tilts…No distributors for small cinema, NFDC is anti-Press, Paris as locale, Dasavatharam

Pans & Tilts…Lean Bollywood, Missing India, Idly-Dosai at Cannes

Pans & Tilts…Om Puri in NFDC, Cannes, Karina-Saif

Pans & Tilts…U Me Aur Hum, Pandit Jasraj, Mammootty

Pans & Tilts…Khuda Kay Liye, Kahaani Gudiya Ki, Guide

Pans & Tilts…Adoor Gopalakrishnan’s Four Women, Piracy, Dasavatharam, Khuda Ke Liye.

Pans & Tilts…Aishwarya, Raghuvaran, The Love Guru

Pans & Tilts…Deauville Asian Film Fest, In Such Times, Black and White and Serial Kisser

Pans & Tilts…Jodhaa Akbar, Black and White, Filmfare awards

Pans & Tilts…Akbar’s controversial wife, Jodhaa Akbar in Tamil, Priyanka Chopra, Mira Nair’s new film

Pans & Tilts…Jodhaa Akbar, Bachchans on stage, Sanjay Dutt, Amisha Patel

Pans & Tilts…Bollywood goes to Pakistan, Rajendra Nath, Mallika Sherawat in Christ film

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Pans & Tilts…Beyond Bollywood favourites of 2007

Pans & Tilts…My favourites of 2007

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Pans & Tilts…No Smoking, Taare Zameen Par, Shahid-Kareena, At Marrakech…

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Pans & Tilts…No Smoking, Laaga Chunari Mein Daag, Star affairs and publicity, Salman Tarzan…

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Pans & Tilts…The Oscar mess, Raj Kapoor still lives, Ketan Mehta’s new work, Rome Film Festival, Sulking Salman…

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Pans & Tilts…Obsessive media, Venice again, Konkona, Nikita…

Pans & Tilts…Venice, Khoya Khoya Chand, Apna Asmaan,

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Pans & Tilts…The Sanjay saga, Trishala, Adoor Gopalakrishnan, Antonioni, Naya Daur…E/a>Pans & Tilts…The Gandhi wave, Marigold, The Voyeurs, Mallika Sherawat, Katrina Kaif…

Pans & Tilts…Creative freedom, Raima Sen, Sivan’s Before the Rains, Salma Heyek, Bips-John…E/a>Pans & TiltsEollywood terror, Harry Potter, Naya Daur, Rani Mukherjee, Bipasha Basu…

Pans & Tilts…Mobile cinema, Rajni still rules, Rushdie-Padma split, Jiah Khan…

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An evening with Aparna Sen

Mammootty decries Bollywoodisation

Meeting Govind Nihalani

Shonali Bose: Amu remembers riots

Buddhadeb Dasgupta: Of dreams and voyages

Satyajit Ray, India’s best-known icon

Satyajit Ray: An eternal song

Naseeruddin Shah: Still surprises us

Mehmood: Laughing no more

Aishwarya Rai: A spell of charm

Dilip Kumar – Star or actor: Book Review

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