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Tracing Tamil cinema’s love-hate relationship with political parties…July 27 2017

No bail for Dileep...July 25 2017

Vikram Vedha...July 22 2017

Will Kamal Haasan quit films to join DMK?…July 21 2017

Pon Ondru Kandein…July 19 2017

Badman Vijay Sethupathi may steal the show in Vikram Veda…July 17 2017

Dileep’s arrest for actress sexual assault: The rot has been exposed…July 14 2017

Kerala superstar Dileep’s arrest for actress assault raises questions about male arrogance…July 11 2017

Sridevi’s Mom preaches vigilantism at a time when India is trying to fight it...July 8 2017

Why Vikram Vedha must pull Madhavan out of the shower and shadows...July 5 2017

Censor hounded Lipstick Under My Burkha…June 30 2017


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