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Why CBFC has refused to okay Malayalam documentary on EmergencyJanuary 2 2018


Why Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan are keeping Tamil Nadu on its toes about joining politics…December 27 2017

Malayalam actor Fahadh Faasil, like Salman Khan, shouldn’t feel he’s above the law…December 26

Mammootty fans are sending Parvathy  rape and death threats. Shame on him...December 20 2017

Shame media and fans went gaga over Dileep in Dubai...December 16 2017

S Durga losing battle at IFFI is ridiculous as it gets…November 29 2017

Tamil cinema needs to stop glamourising stalking...November 19 2017

India needs films like Nude and S Durga: Dropping it from IFFI Panorama is a shame…November 15 2017

Prakash Raj’s warning about Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan comes at right time…November 14 2017

Nude and S Durga out of IFFI Panorama, despite the jury choosing them, is appalling…November 12 2017

Kamal Haasan, a big dream, but only a small sure step till now…November 11 2017

Japan loves all things Tamil — actor Madhavan and Jallikkatu 5-23 too…November 5 2017

Why Disha Patani playing Sangamithra hurts my Tamil sensibilities…October 28 2017

BJP must pay heed to Vijay-starrer Mersal to know what people feel about GST, digital transactions…October 21 2017

Why I think even Irrfan Khan can’t do justice to Tamil cinema...October 20 2017

Mersal: How Tamil superstar Vijay weathered one more storm of controversy…October 17 2017

Will Tamil films with no song and dance ever work?…October 15 2017

Aarushi murder: How Meghna Gulzar’s Talvar presented a bang-on prediction of what was to come...October 13 2017

Letting off actor Jai lightly for drunk driving is a mistake…October 10 2017

Celebrations over Dileep’s release should wait till he is proven innocent…October 7 2017

Kamal Haasan versus Rajinikanth brings back forgotten rivalries of Indian cinema...October 3 2017

Irrfan Khan-starrer Doob is a modern take on marital infidelity...September 26 2017

Controversy over globally acclaimed film Sexy Durga is unfortunate…September 25 2017

Ramaleela is actor Dileep’s attempt to wriggle out of controversy…September 19 2017

Will Kamal Haasan make a good politician?…September 16 2017

Thupparivaalan makes a ridiculous Sherlock Holmes…September 15 2017

Decoding the magic called A R Rahman…September 14 2017

DND at Sathyam Cinemas...September 12 2017

A tale of two stars, Vijay and Ajith…August 24 2017

The problem with Tamil films like Taramani and VIP2…August 20 2017

Like Rajinikanth jokes, the superstar too is getting old and repetitive…August 17 2017

Bengali film has provoked fresh debate on death penalty...August 16 2017

Dhanush drinks and dances in VIP 2, but disappoints yet again…August 12 2017

Vijay fans abusing journalist on Twitter is nasty, but not shocking…August 9 2017

Kamal Haasan’s outrage over shifting of Sivaji Ganesan statue from Marina is uncalled for...August 5 2017

Tamil documentary, Kakkoos, a brutal expose of manual scavenging…August 3 2017

Can Tamil actor Santhanam and director Anand Balki to do justice to Server Sundaram?…August 1 2017

Kargil – A unique Tamil movie that experiments with a single actor...July 30 2017

Tracing Tamil cinema’s love-hate relationship with political parties…July 27 2017

No bail for Dileep...July 25 2017

Vikram Vedha...July 22 2017

Will Kamal Haasan quit films to join DMK?…July 21 2017

Pon Ondru Kandein…July 19 2017

Badman Vijay Sethupathi may steal the show in Vikram Veda…July 17 2017

Dileep’s arrest for actress sexual assault: The rot has been exposed…July 14 2017

Kerala superstar Dileep’s arrest for actress assault raises questions about male arrogance…July 11 2017

Sridevi’s Mom preaches vigilantism at a time when India is trying to fight it...July 8 2017

Why Vikram Vedha must pull Madhavan out of the shower and shadows...July 5 2017

Censor hounded Lipstick Under My Burkha…June 30 2017


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